Wicked Camper Van Rentals in Canada

Fact #1. Camper vans rock.

Fact #2. Buying & Selling vehicles can be a pain.

Fact #3. Saving money by sleeping in a Camper Van is clever.

For those who don’t know, Wicked Camper Vans are one of the many transport options backpackers have to travel across Canada. They’re an affordable way to see Canada the way you want to see it. Plus they have cool paintings on them, which makes losing them in a parking lot difficult. I did a quick online search for how much it would cost me to pick up a van  and was surprised how cheap it was. Some might even say its ‘Cheap Like Borscht’ (find out what Borscht is here, it’s delicious and it  turns your pee pink!)

So using Wicked Campers online booking gizmo, I pretended as if I were planning an awesome 2 week winter vacation in Canada starting December 1st from Vancouver, British Columbia. Knowing there’s already plenty of snow, I’ll likely be hanging around the Mountains, as that’s what people do in B.C during December. So pickup & drop-off will be done in Vancouver.

Traveling by Camper Van can get cold during the winter, so let’s do some more pretending and say a really good looking girl who happens to find me incredibly attractive wants to come with and do some of that ‘heat-sharing’ I hear so much about. Let’s call her Megan…Megan Fox. I’ll need at least a 2-person camper-van as one must have a decent amount of room to make sharing heat a pleasurable experience for both, thankfully they have one in stock. Click.

Wicked Camper Van Prices

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According to the Wicked Camper Booking Gizmo, I can rent a campervan for $50 a day. Insurance will set me back an extra $10 a day. Knowing I’ll get lost at least once, renting a GPS is a good idea. GPS rentals go for $3 a day.  I also know that I won’t be going to the Alaska, Yukon, or Northwest Territories, so I won’t need to pay the extra $550 fixed price. With taxes and a few other small surcharges we’re sitting at $1,027.00. At first glance this might seem like quite a bit, but remember, “campervan” is just another word for “uncomfortable home on wheels“. Accommodations alone can almost cost that ($65 double bed at hostel X 14 days = $910) This could be your ticket to a budget backpacking trip through Canada. Keep in mind, this rental is for “off-season prices”, during Summer they’ll likely go up a tad.

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