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There’s so much room for activities in Canada! Adventure tours, outdoor camping, beach days, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, or experiencing some historical sight seeing. Read all about some of my favourite activities in Canada.

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Discovering Metis History in Winnipeg

I’ve had a long standing interest in the Metis people of Canada. While I have Metis roots, and have long known that, I admittedly grew up without ever really celebrating that part of my heritage. I’ve had long conversations about this with friends to the exact reasons. Was it because of some underlying fear of […]

All dressed chips canada

WTF are All Dressed Chips?!

Canadians have all sorts of weird junk food and Candy unique to Canada. While Ketchup Chips get a lot of the spotlight, another flavour that raises even more eyebrows and questions is All Dressed Chips. The packages don’tgive much away, and the most common question from those visiting Canada eventually goes to “So what flavour is […]

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How to Start a Working Holiday in Canada

So you’ve made the leap! You planned in advance and signed up for a Working Holiday in Canada before leaving to start your journey. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to work for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years (with conditions), depending on which country you call home. Starting to get your new life […]


Hiking the Great Sand Hills of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is often considered very flat, with farmlands for as far as the eyes can see, however there is a really special place that is nestled near the edge of this province. The beautiful Great Sand Hills cover 1,900 square kilometers in southwestern Saskatchewan and it is the kind of place that everyone needs to visit at least […]

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