FlightHub’s pack hacks for a day (or weekend) on the slopes

As we enter the latter half of the winter season, gearing up for a day on the slopes is always a great way to spend your time outside while enjoying the winter weather. With this in mind, FlightHub Review has compiled the ultimate packing list to keep you warm and cozy while out on the slopes.



How to dress appropriately for outdoor activities is measured in layers. Firstly, FlightHub encourages you to wear a warm, but breathable winter coat. Sports jackets are made to both conserve heat while keeping you cool when rushing down mountain sides. FlightHub doesn’t suggest bringing a Canada Goose with you while skiing, as you’ll be prone to overheating. Next up are your snow pants; much like your winter coat, your snow pants should be warm but also lets you cool down when you need to. When it comes to outerwear, the more pockets the better, so make sure your jacket and pants come equipped with zippered or secure pockets!

Other winter necessities like hats, balaclavas, and mittens are a must so make sure you pack extras of these little guys in case you get really cold (or if they get wet).


Getting the right kind of long underwear

is key for keeping warm while out on the slopes! Investing in long johns and a solid long sleeve undershirt are crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked! Layering up is the only way to keep warm, and FlightHub is a strong believer that it’s better to be too warm than be too cold. In addition to long underwear and shirts, investing in a good pair of ski socks will go a long way to keep your toes warm and toasty!

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Speaking about toasty…

FlightHub cannot get enough of hotties

! These little toasty miracles fit perfectly in your gloves and boots and work hard to keep your extremities super warm while out all day. Remember to pack a few extra in your jacket just in case!

Small change-purse or wallet

Keep any important medical information or credit cards on you at all times while on the slopes. Whether you’re in an accident or you just want a quick bite to eat, keeping cards on your person (and in a securely zipped pocket on the interior of your jacket

) is super important and convenient.


A helmet

You’re never too cool to not wear a helmet

. Ever. Not only are helmets a way to protect yourself should you fall, they also keep you warm. Remember to bring yours when you’re heading downhill.


Sunscreen or SPF lip balm

Believe it or not, the sun’s rays are still strong despite the winter weather. Be sure to lather up on sunscreen

and bring some lip balm to avoid chapped or burned lips!

Secret Snacks

Shredding powder all day will get anyone’s appetite up and running, so bring some secret snacks with you while on the mountain! Granola bars are FlightHub’s snack of choice as they’re easy to eat and super compact, and you can keep the wrapping with you until you reach the bottom.

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