11 Best Timelapse Photography Products For Backpackers

Many backpackers love to take timelapse videos while they are out hiking and exploring in nature. Nothing beats seeing clouds rolling over mountains, epic sunsets, or the transition from day to night. Certain timelapse photography gear is much better than others though, and they vary in price and features. Lets check out the 11 Best pieces of timelapse photography gear for backpackers.


The Syrp Genie

The Syrp Genie

is a versatile motion control system that allows the photographer to have the ability to use time lapse features or real time video control. It is a portable system that doesn’t have external wires, batteries or controllers and it fits in one of the existing pockets of a camera bag. The Genie is full of convenience at a price of $1,099.


The Syrp Genie Mini

The Syrp Genie Mini

with Pan and Tilt is even more convenient than the full size and can be connected to wirelessly using the Syrp Genie App. Photographers can shoot time lapsed photos with ease as they use the Syrp Genie App to control the Genie Mini. The Genie Mini is compatible with many devices including Go-Pro and slides easily into a pocket. With all of these conveniences as well as fabulous HDR Quality, the only thing that is more amazing is the price of $249.


emotimo-st4 timelapse
The Emotimo Spectrum

The Emotimo Spectrum is a 4 axis motion control camera robot that is priced at $2,299. The spectrum uses a DualShock 4 controller so that photographers can communicate with the system quickly during real time photo shots. The spectrum has a 50 foot range and the OLED display offers magnificent viewing angles. The pixels on the screen are individually lit in order to reduce cast light and save energy.


The Stage R Pan Tilt System

The Stage R Pan Tilt System can be used on its own as a pan or tilt time lapse photo option and real time video platform or a photographer can combine two of these units together for a 2 axis pan and tilt motion. This system can also be added to a slider in order for a photographer to have full 3 axis motion control. The possibilities are absolutely endless with this pan tilt system and each unit is able to do 360 degrees of pan or tilt movement. This system is lightweight and easy to install with a price of $495.

The Movo Photo MTP2000

The Movo Photo MTP2000 Panoramic 360°/120 Minute Time Lapse Tripod Head for Cameras is a portable turntable that creates wonderful time lapse videos or still photos. The Movo Photo MTP2000 can complete a 360 degree cycle in 120 minutes and two heads can be stacked together to increase the speed of the cycle. The Movo Photo MTP2000 is lightweight, small enough to fit in an existing camera bag and has a price of $19.95.

The Movo Photo MTP-10

The Movo Photo MTP-10 Motorized Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head with Variable Speed is $119.95 and is the perfect product to create a professional time lapse on a smaller budget. The controls allow the photographer to choose the degree of the rotation as well as the speed and the direction of the rotation. There is a six hour rechargeable battery which will make using it out on the trails much easier.

The Satechi WTR-C Wireless Timer Shutter

The Satechi WTR-C Wireless Timer Shutter costs $59.99 and it can be used as a self timer, interval timer and a long exposure timer. The camera shutter can be controlled up to 50 feet away with a compatible camera. This time shutter is perfect for taking pictures of things that are difficult to approach and it is wonderful to use with blooming flowers and astrophotography.

The Accessory Pro Flow-Mow

The Accessory Pro Flow-Mow 2 Hour Timelapse can be used with many different cameras however it only turns in one direction. The cost of the Flow Mow is $34.99. The Flow Mow does not need batteries and is ready to use whenever and wherever. The rotation movement can be seen from far away, which makes it perfect to use when it is set up at unique locations. The Flow Mow moves at slower speeds than other options, but it allows it to capture more of the setting for more in depth photos or videos.


The Revolve Motorized Slider

The Revolve Motorized Slider costs $499.99, but it turns any camera slider into a motorized slider with automatic movement. The Revolve has a universal mounting system which allows is to be compatible with any slider available. It comes with interchangeable motors and speed controls and can be used for time lapse and live video shots. The controller is easy to use and shots can be set up in seconds.


The EACHSHOT ComStar CS0EBSL120 120CM 1.2M Electronic Motorized Camera Track Video Slider costs $316.25 and is specifically designed for filmmakers and time lapse video creators. This video slider helps control the direction and speed of a manual slider.


The Rhino Slider Essentials Bundle

The Rhino Slider Essentials Bundle includes a 24 inch EVO carbon slide, flywheel and the 24 inch carrying case for $640. This bundle allows photographers to use their manual slides more smoothly and the flywheel assists with any inconsistencies.

No backpacker should be without at least some of this photography gear if they’re planning on shooting high quality professional timelapses on their journeys. All of these items are easy to carry and will greatly improve the dramatic look and feel behind your timelapses.

What are your favourite pieces of timelapse photography gear? Comment below!

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