Westbound to Ontario and Saskatchewan

This weekend I won’t be featuring a Photo Du Jour nor a Travel Video. Breathe…I know. It sucks! But please, hold back those tears. I have a good reason. On Wednesday I fly out of Halifax for the next leg of my Canadian travels, and I’ve got some serious packing and preparation to do.


I’ll be arriving in Toronto first to meet up with a friend of mine. Together, we’ll be exploring and writing about Ontario’s famous Algonquin Park. We’ll be doing a bit of camping, some canoeing, and several hours of driving through the countless lakes and trees. Be sure to follow along, We’ll have several live tweets and photos coming through the interwebs.

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After exploring Ontario, I’ll be flying back to Saskatchewan. I’ve got some big plans on showcasing the diversity and sheer awesomeness of my home province.  I’ll be checking out some of the national parks in the area, along with several rural areas of Saskatchewan. I don’t want to show my entire hand on this one as I have several awesome ideas for posts, so you’ll just have to come back and see for yourself.

Once again, be sure to follow along on twitter, expect photos! Lots of ’em!

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