So the other day I found myself perusing some Canadian travel videos, and came across this little number. The folks at Google Maps visited Churchill, Manitoba, a favourite location of mine, and strapped their fancy camera’s to some of the rugged tundra explorer vehicles.  They captured some superb shots of the town, as well as some great video of polar bears. I was completely surprised that I hadn’t come across this yet. Perhaps I was on the road when this thing went out to the masses, or maybe I can blame it on me just living under a rock for the last couple of years hammering away at work. Either way, it’s worth showing to anyone keen on seeing polar bears in Canada.

Churchill is accessible by air or train (VIA Rail). I’d highly recommend the train ride from Winnipeg, through northern Saskatchewan and onwards to Churchill, Manitoba. It’s a 2 day trip, but a totally unique Canadian experience. Check out Frontiers North Adventures for tours in and around Churchill, and I can’t recommend Churchill Tundra House Hostel enough to keep costs down while you’re visiting.

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