The 2010 Canadian Olympics are Sparking Conversation

Every time I flip over to the News I see some new group finding a new reason to hate the Olympics. Canada has finally been lucky enough to be the host to the 2010 winter Olympics, but I suppose with all the benefits the Olympics brings the economy, it also brings out the Negative Nancy’s crying foul. In a politically correct society there’s always bound to be somebody upset. Thankfully there are people with common sense writing about how powerful the 2010 Games will be.

I personally am a huge supporter of the Olympics and hope to see more of Canada’s youth strive to be on the podium some day. In the past, Canada didn’t make it that easy for athletes to concentrate on their training, but it seems with the boost in recognition with having the Olympics here on home turf, that mindset should begin to change.

Julie Ovenell-Carter at (another fantastic Canadian travel blog) wrote a witty post on the Top 5 reasons to hate the 2010 Olympics – which believe it or not shows the benefits locals will have from the 2010 Olympics.

Over at, Charlie Smith did a great write up on how many of the Ski Hills are hoping to benefit from the 2010 Olympics including the many smaller ski hills in the surrounding area.

Go check out, where Andrea is keeping tabs on the Vancouver Olympics. She’s got some amazing photos and has been counting down the days until it all begins! There’s lots of great information here if you’re planning on being in Vancouver during the Olympics.

We’re only a few weeks away, so I hope you will all find some time to watch the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! Grab your popcorn, your beer, your chips, your dip, and watch what could be the best Winter Olympics yet.

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