Sleeping with West Coast Art in the Listel Hotel

Waking up, I turned my foggy head to the bedside table. The clock read 7:45AM, I groaned knowing that it was time to get out of this comfy bed. The sun shone through the windows, and out of the corner of my eye I made eye contact with this creepy (yet interesting) painting. A two headed monster, each with different smiles, staring through me. I laughed. Hotel Art isn’t supposed to be cool. Wheres the cliche flowers? The painting of a fruitbowl or a landscape of rolling hills? The Listel Hotel in Vancouver wasn’t just breaking the mould. They were absolutely annihilating it.

For art lovers wanting to take in the west coast from morning to night, the Listel Hotel may offer what you’re looking for. Its central location leaves you open to take in the sights & sounds of downtown Vancouver, while its abundance of Canadian art leaves you feeling as if your sleeping inside a museum. A surreal yet very cozy experience.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; however, all reviews are honest portrayals of my time spent at the establishment.


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