Photo Du Jour: The Ragged Falls, Ontario

During my recent trip through Algonquin Park I actually evolved from a regular human into a highly optimized photo taking robotic machine. While I was in my highly evolved state, I was able to hike several trails, including the trail up to Ragged Falls. The trail is surprisingly easy and well groomed, which makes it great for new hikers and clumsy photo taking robots such as myself.

The Ragged Falls are located along the Oxtongue River, just west of Algonquin Park in the Oxtongue Provincial Park. The Oxtongue river cuts through Algonquin Park and can be accessed off of Highway 60.


I managed to make it up to The Ragged Falls just in time for the start of sunset and spent roughly an hour taking it all in.

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  • Alouise

    These photos are fantastic. I love the one with the sunlight coming through the trees, that’s very cool. All these fantastic colours, it just reminds me why I love fall.

    • Corbin Fraser

      Haha yea I considered using that as the main image but opted for the less in your face photo. Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Candice

    Ahh, these photos are so classically Canadian autumn! Love it! 

    • Corbin Fraser

      Haha yes ma’am. Can’t mess with the classics!

  • Kevin Post

    Stunning photos Corbin! Continue taking these amazing photos, they are inspiring me to visit parts of Canada I never thought of visiting before. Keep rocking out!

    • Corbin Fraser

      Thanks Kevin! Appreciate it! Hopefully your trek during spring will bring about some awesome photos too

  • Bill H.

    Wow! Fantastic photos! I need to get myself up North, the Canadian landscape is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing ;)

    • Corbin Fraser

      Thanks bill! Definitely pop on up North. You’re always welcome :)

  • Robert Fitzsimmons

    Great photo!