Must-Know Etiquettes for Canadian Casinos

Canada has some of the best casinos of the world and the experience shouldn’t be missed. There are always some rules and etiquettes to follow in casinos and when you step into one of the Canadian casinos, as a tourist, you have to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself. Follow some of these tips to ensure your cool level remains at a constant high.


Lotto in Canada is fairly popular and you might want to try playing and experience the real ambience of the game. But if you’re traveler and plan to visit Canada but think you’re going to miss playing lottery when you arrive there, fret not. There’s an option for playing lotto anywhere you are. You can easily enjoy online lottery while travelling as well, through William Hill Irish Lottery. Just also make sure to know the standard etiquettes of playing online as well.

Irish Lotto 6 ball at William Hill siteGambling is individually regulated in Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories. It was legalized in 1969, and one of the best casinos you can visit during your trip is at Niagara Falls. The Las Vegas of Canada. While there are a ton of different games to place across Canada, there are also a variety of games that can now be played online. So if you’re after a night in after a weekend on your feet, remember you can always go online and find a similar experience, just without the bright lights and sounds. Here are some rules and etiquettes to remember while gambling in Canada:

Gambling Age and Dress Code

To play at one of the casinos in Canada, you must show your government ID with a photograph to prove that you are above the age of 19, and legally allowed to gamble. The legalized gambling options that you’ll find in Canada include slot machine centers, video lottery terminals, Bingo halls, and racetracks. Casino specific instructions will always be posted at the entrance. Keep in mind that most casinos are no smoking zones and generally, for smokers, the smoking area lies outside the building. Casino’s will server alcohol, but avoid over indulging as they aren’t shy when it comes to kicking drunk patrons out.

In terms of dress code, you can be casually dressed, but but sure you’re not over-doing it. Wearing your beach clothes and hat may get you turned around. While you’re playing in a Canadian casino, be aware that you won’t be served complimentary alcoholic drinks as the casinos aren’t permitted to do so. In casinos in British Columbia, no beverage is served on the gaming floor. Being drunk at the table is not appreciated and should be avoided at all costs.


Bet Limits and Chips

Every table has bet limits posted for the players to see, but generally, they tend to be between $5 and $100. High limit tables are separated and will be clearly marked. If you want to play the slot machines, the betting limits will be between 1 cent and $5. Machines with higher limits will again be separately placed and marked. Just a quick rundown on the chips so that you don’t mess it up while playing. White or blue chips are $1, green chips $25, red chips $5 and black chips $100.

During busy times, casinos discourage players from playing on more than one machine at a time. If you’re playing on a slot machine and need to go out for a break, leave a personal item on the seat to indicate that it’s taken. If you find someone’s Player’s Card in the slot machine, put in on top so that they can find it if they get back.

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