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Halifax Heritage House Hostel Video Tour

One of my biggest regrets for I Backpack Canada is that when I was actively backpacking and staying in hostels, I didn’t create a video tour for each hostel I visited. Then during a lengthy Youtubing session, I came across these awesome hostel tour videos done by fellow backpacker, Mattis of They’re done in […]

canada foreigners eyes

Canada through a foreigners eyes

Travelling in Canada as a foreigner can be an eye-opening experience. There’s plenty of aspects that make Canada unique, however there are also plenty of similarities between the US and Canada, although this is a notion strongly denied by most Canadians you will meet. Being South African, most of the differences I found between Canada […]


Travel CEO Matt Keezer Ranks NHL Teams Based On Holiday Travel

Canada is a country where the score of a hockey game can turn inter-provincial relationships sour. For generations the scars of the battle of Alberta have continuously been reopened to the resounding theme of Hockey Night In Canada. Likewise, Montreal and Toronto’s century long rivalry to be known as the team of record in Canada […]

Noodling Capelin in Newfoundland: Keep It Canada (Episode 3)

Have you seen the Keep It Canada series yet? It’s this educational/quirky food lovers web series that’s put on by Munchies and hosted by this awesome big-hearted-big-mouthed fellow named Matty. He recently toured across Canada and ate his way through the various regional cuisines in this great nation. I personally loved this episode on Newfoundland. Kind made me homesick […]

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