About Me

Hello & Bonjour! My name is Corbin.

Corbin Fraser

As that fancy Lobster font up top says, my name is Corbin Fraser. I’m a 20-something guy from the flatlands of Canada, known to most as Saskatchewan. Despite being one of the tougher provinces to spell, it’s not such a bad place to grow up.  My family has a big old farm just North of Regina, where we have some cattle, a few horses, and a whole bunch of land. I grew up primarily in Regina, but spent a fair amount of time out at the farm which is where I think the travel bug first infected me with its sweet-sweet poison.

After finishing High-School, I fell into that “trap” of taking a year off before diving into University. While sometimes I wonder what might have happened had I been responsible, I have to admit that my decision worked out in the end. I sold my truck (yep, Ford Ranger had to go), most of my possessions, and took off for a year of dedicated backpacking. I loved every minute of it, and upon arriving back home, I realized I couldn’t stop. Travel had become my drug of choice, and I needed a fix. Bad!

So I decide to commandeer my Mom’s car only 2 months after arriving home (Love you Ma!), and drive it 30 odd hours west to the beautiful city of Vancouver, perhaps or perhaps not to see a girl I was smitten for. I signed up to show her Canada, and during those travels I started to realize how little I knew about my own home nation. I began taking notes, and whenever I had a chance to pop online for “travel inspiration” I became aware that there wasn’t much information for backpackers, adventurers, and young adults keen on taking in the great outdoors.

For the past three years I’ve been traveling coast to coast across Canada, snapping photos, and looking for my next big blog post. I write about hostels, hotels, camping, hiking, adventure, outdoors, wildlife, Canadiana, culture, food, history, beer, and a bunch of other things that are awesome! Things are looking on the up and up! So saddle up, sign up to my RSS feed, and join me as I Backpack Canada. (Oh that was pretty clever eh?)

Awards & Recognition

2010 CTC GoMedia “Best Travel Blog” Award

In 2010 the Canadian Tourism Commission awarded I Backpack Canada their first “Best Travel Blog” award in Toronto Ontario. The judges had this to say:

New to GoMedia in 2010: the Best Travel Blog Award. It was a tough choice for judge Sree Sreenivasan, dean of Student Affairs and digital media professor at New York City’s Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. However, i Backpack Canada’s depth of Canada travel stories, tips and info tipped the scales in its favour. Here’s how Sreenivasan assessed the site: “i Backpack Canada has all the features of a good travel blog: smart writing, strong photos, useful advice and glimpses into unusual, enticing and, occasionally, scary places. But Corbin does it all with a sense of humour and personality rarely seen on other sites, making it a blog worth reading—and emulating.”

2010 Tourism Saskatchewan Award of Excellence Nominee

Shortly after receiving the CTC’s Best Travel Blog award I was nominated for an Award of Excellence by Tourism Saskatchewan. While I wasn’t able to claim the prize, it was a tremendous honour to be put in the running with some of Saskatchewans best writers.

News & Radio

I’ve been interviewed by multiple radio stations, including CBC Radio1, CBC Radio2 and Newstalk 980 CJME for my recent success in online travel writing and blogging on I Backpack Canada. I’ve also been quoted in The Prince George Citizen, and the Regina Leader-Post.

Lonely Planet

I’m a featured blogger for internationally acclaimed online and print travel guides, Lonely Planet. You can view my syndicated blog posts in the Lonely Planet’s Canada Section. Lonely Planet’s website receives 4 million unique visitors per month.

Random Facts About Me

Fact 1: I dig music. I play guitar and I “almost kind of” play the fiddle.

Fact 2: I used to rock at hockey, until I screwed up my spine

Fact 3: I love coffee. Copious amounts of it!

Fact 4: I’m a computer nerd and have the glasses to prove it

Fact 5: I’ve lived off 2 minute noodles for months on end with no ill effects (yet)

Fact 6: Whiskey is my poison of choice

Fact 7: I have a tendency to crash every bicycle I get on. It’s the only vehicle I own

Fact 8: Picking scabs is an artform. I am Picasso

Fact 9: Sci-Fi is the greatest genre of fiction, particularly if the novel has time travel, alternate universes, or incredibly fast ships.

Fact 10: Dental hygiene is important? Yes, it most certainly is

PS: Feel free to contact me at corbin(at)ibackpackcanada(dot)com and I’ll try to reply right away!