A Montrealer’s Guide to Surviving Toronto According to FlightHub

Growing up in a country as large and spread out as Canada it’s difficult to imagine any rivalry surfacing from the frigid ice that covers this land. And anyway, aren’t we too polite to say anything bad about each other? But ask any Montrealer or Torontonian what they think about the other and you’re sure to get more than an earful. So what happens when a Montrealer finds themselves in the grips of the 6 and lives to tell the tale? You get this survival guide. Check out this FlightHub Review to get a Montrealer’s guide to surviving in Toronto.


No beer in the deps

Actually, there are no deps in Toronto. Instead of local corner stores on every block, large chain run 7/11’s dominate this market in Toronto. Like most chain stores, the 7/11’s have their perks: consistent in what they stock, similar prices, and who can resist endless slurpees? But any Montrealer worth their salt will miss the obscure (and questionable) dep smell that they’ve come to know and just accept as being weird.

That being said, beer is not available at a 7/11. Though there are pushes to have beer and wines made available in supermarkets, the only place to legally buy alcohol in Toronto at the two provincially run liquor stores appropriately named The Beer Store and the LCBO.


Bars close at 2 A.M

FlightHub—along with all other major travel agencies—knows that Montreal’s reputation as Canada’s party city is pretty much undisputed. The party lasts longer and with internationally known afterhours clubs like Stereo, you can stay out until the wee hours of the afternoon if you’d like. But having last call at 2 a.m. isn’t as bad as you’d think. Plan your night accordingly and you’re sure to have just as much fun.


The TTC will make you cry, but at least the buses and metro are air conditioned.

After life with the STM, there’s really nowhere else to go but up. Public transit is very expensive in the city with student passes costing an average of $130 per month. That’s the equivalent to 3 student-rate passes in Montreal. Confusingly though, single passes or tokens are actually a lot less than individual passes in Montreal, and both the bus and metro systems are air conditioned. Yes, you read that right. Anyone who’s ever frequented the Guy/Concordia metro in the summer will weep tears of joy when stepping onto these cool cars. Bring a sweater!

“What do you mean you just walk in the middle of the street?” This is a phrase most often uttered from the mouths of distrusting Montrealers when using a street car for the first time. Though initially terrifying, street cars are a convenient way to get around Toronto’s busiest areas with relative ease. With their own designated lane transportation is doable. But like any public transit system, expect abrupt stops or service interruptions as a daily reality. FlightHub suggests budgeting at least an hour to get anywhere in the city using the TTC.


Toronto is HUGE. Like, REALLY BIG. And each neighborhood has something cool to offer.

The most disorienting things about Toronto is how large it is. This can be little overwhelming for a Montrealer who’s used to walking (or biking) anywhere within the city in about 15 minutes. Expect no such thing in Toronto. That being said, each neighborhood is distinctly unique and has something for everyone. Whether it’s a funky new bar or a quaint cafe, there’s always something new to find so enjoy!

BlogTo becomes your survival guide for the first 3-6 months

One of the most well-kept city blogs, FlightHub suggests using this as your survival guide to all things cool in the city. Looking for something to eat? Type in what you’re feeling for and instantly see all the listed restaurants Toronto has. Want to know what’s going on in the art world? See what’s being tweeted and talked about on the blog. This digital platform has access to the inner secrets of the Toronto scene, so use it!

kaboompics.com_Woman with headphones listening music

So Drake, Much Canadian.

Be ready to listen to a lot of Drake.Don’t fight it, just let it happen like falling asleep in the cold snow gently singing “you used to call me on my cellphone.

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