Volunteer on Organic Farms in Canada with WWOOF

IWWOOF, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is another great online community, similar to HelpX, but concentrating specifically on organic farmers. Volunteers interested in working on Organic Farms are invited to stay with hosts, where they’ll receive free accommodations and meals. Volunteers that sign up with a host in Canada can expect anywhere from 3 – 6 hours of work, depending on the arrangement with the host.

Volunteer In Canada: Free Accommodation on Organic Farms with WWOOF

Hosts keen to take on Volunteers allow you to easily get access to information about them. Including Region, smoking tolerance, what type of meals they prepare, percentage of food that they eat that’s organic, which languages they speak, how many people they allow to volunteer at once, and what type of work you can expect. On top of the free acommodation that hosts provide, you’ll also receive free meals, you’ll learn all about sustainable living, organic growing, and will get a sneak peak behind life as a farmer.

While the website is a bit of out of the dawn of the 90’s, the information is regularly updated. The membership cost at WWOOF is $50, or $62 for joint 2 year membership. WWOOF Canada allows you to preview their hosts before signing up, which can let you know if WWOOF might be right for you.

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