Updates from my life: A Moustache, A Marriage, and Too Much School!

I was having a conversation with Jessica Bedford, the halifamous fashion blogger behind Haute.Halifax yesterday night about blogging. I was telling her how little I’ve had to write about as of lately. We both agreed we leave a lot of our personal lives out of our blogs and typically stick to the content. This got me thinking that maybe it’s time I try to give away a little more about me while I’m not traveling. Plus it would give me the opportunity to explain why there’s been such a lack of updates. So here’s my first attempt at letting you guys in a little more.

Living in Halifax

Yep, I’m still in the east coast metropolitan of Canada known as Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am still madly in love with this city and it continues to reveal new and exciting things to me. Such as the discovery of my new favourite Sushi restaurante, Fujiyama. Their Philadelphia Rolls and Spicy Scallop Rolls will blow your mind! If you’re trying to find them, they’re just across the street from Pizza Corner.

My Sexy Moustache
I took part in Movember

During the month of November, I (along with a couple friends) did not shave my upper-lip for 1 month. This produced a pretty slimey and uncomfortable moustache which was laughed at for several weeks. I don’t know exactly how many prostates were saved, but I did manage to score some creepy pictures!

Gettin’ my learn on

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in school full-time taking Graphic & Web design at the Centre for Arts & Technology. It’s been pretty awesome thus far, and I totally feel that this is a step in the right direction for me. I’ve already managed to take on a few clients and have been steadily building my portfolio when I’m not hammering away at homework.

My camera is back!

My Pentax w90 took a turn for the worse a couple months back, which may have been the reason my posts slowed down so much. However, after finally sending it in, the folks at Pentax sent me a brand new one, free of charge. Needless to say I was pretty psyched!

Somebodies getting married!

Don’t worry, it’s not me. I’m still single as Kraft cheese slices. My eldest sybling is tieing the knot with his girlfriend of 5 years. They’re sealing the deal in Mexico this February, which means I’ll be soaking up some sun in a few months, and likely getting a little intoxicated at the same time.

Corbins iPad
Guess who won an iPad

Hands down the biggest thing I’ve ever won. This summer the Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation had a contest down at the harbour. If you were seen surfing the internet off their free wifi, they’d give you a code to enter online to win an iPad. Thankfully I was seen blogging, entered, and a couple weeks ago I got a call and was told I won the Grand Prize. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say, It. Is. Awesome!

So what’s in the future for iBackpack Canada? I definitely haven’t quit, I’m just fighting for time and content. When you’re going to school full time and doing homework for 20 hours a week, it’s incredibly tough to get out and do something worth writing about. But I do have a plan. I’m flying back to Saskatchewan in a couple weeks and have a few cool things lined up. Hopefully I can regain some momentum there and kung-fu out of this writing rut.

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