Unforeseeable Backpacker Accidents

You’ve spent hours figuring out the best way to fold your clothes and organize your toiletries into tiny zip lock bags just so that everything you need will fit into your backpack for your upcoming travels. You’ve planned and booked all your flights, buses, hostels and excursions – you’re basically an organized travel wizard. Nothing can go wrong right?

We hate to be the ones to snap you back to reality but whether you’re going on that quick weekend trip across the border or backpacking during your gap year there is always a possibility for an accident to occur.


What could possibly go wrong you ask? We’ll name a few:

  • Baggage issues: You’re waiting at the baggage carousel and your heart drops when that last bag passes and it’s not yours. That wasn’t part of the plan. Although this doesn’t happen often, it has happened before and could happen to you.
  • Flight cancellations/delays: As a backpacker in a big country like Canada you will be hopping on and off planes A LOT. This can inevitably lead to flight cancellations and delays. You will likely have to wait around to reschedule your flight and you may even need to find accommodation in the meantime.
  • Medical Issues: Various illnesses, diseases and other accidents can happen while you’re travelling and they are usually things you can’t control. Whether it’s catching a bug or an accident while taking part in an adventure activity, you may end up with some expensive medical fees. No bueno!
  • Stolen Valuables: Travelling can make it hard to keep track of all your personal belongings even if you’re the most organized person out there. Somehow your most valuable items end up stolen, lost, or damaged. We’ve all been there.

But don’t worry, hold your head high because there is one thing that can help make things easier for you from these unexpected issues and that’s… *drumroll*… travel insurance!

We understand that it’s the least exciting part of planning your fun-filled vacation however, just like you need to pack clothes, travel insurance is something that’s essential on your trip. Even when you’re a Canadian resident travelling within Canada and heading outside of your home province.

Why? We hate to break it to you but your provincial coverage will not pay for all of the unexpected medical expenses you may run into. Things like dental emergencies, ambulance services, medical transportation and non-medical travel expenses like cancelled flights and lost baggage are not included. If you do happen to run into any of these issues the right travel insurance can offer a helpful hand.

backpacker insurance

We also understand the travel budget can be a burden, especially for the regular traveller who enjoys getting out and spreading their wings as much as possible. Great news for backpackers – vacationing and exploring Canada may be expensive, but travel insurance doesn’t have to be! 1Cover Travel Insurance offers affordable, reliable coverage for the adventure-loving Canadian traveller. We can guarantee you will probably end up spending more on the replacement of lost or stolen items than you would on travel insurance.

And to top it off, purchasing a 1Cover Travel Insurance policy is all done online making it just that easy to get your hands on that insurance you need. So backpack away knowing you are in safe hands! For more information visit 1Cover Canada.

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