Tips for a value-packed travel adventure

Backpacking is a value packed activity. Travelling light and free is only very rarely the pursuit of middle aged millionaires. More often it’s the province of free-wheeling folk who are not quite ready to settle down to the serious business of full time family life and a suited and booted business career.

Metaphorically as well as practically speaking, backpacking depends on cramming as much as you can into every single experience you encounter. Squeezing as much kit as you can into an old hold-all has its spiritual equivalent in the way that the traveller’s sense of transience demands you make the most of each new taste and every minor adventure. The journey’s end always comes too soon: the backpacker’s trick is to cram as much as we can into every mile we travel and never take anything for granted.


Maxing out on value

And whilst there is a simple pleasure to be had from living on a shoestring, the reality is that maxing out on value has a financial as well as a spiritual side to it. Camping is cool, but it’s also a heck of a lot less expensive than a hotel room. A billy can of beans over a crackling fire is not just a different order of pleasure from a takeaway meal, it also happens to be a whole lot lighter on the purse.
There are always tips and tricks that you discover for yourself along the way – whether it’s how to dress to hitch a lift or which app will steer you towards the cheapest flights. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a few lessons from your fellow travellers. Making your own mistakes may be one way to learn, but it really isn’t always the best and all-too-frequently it’s just a little bit more expensive than it needs to be.
In case you were wondering, Kayak, and Flight Hub and Expedia are great for cheap flights. There is always something to be said for sticking with a big name supplier – someone who’ll have staff on call at three in the morning when you really need them!

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Taking care of down time

And if you need to get through the long dark night of the airport lounge while you’re waiting to make your connection there’s a great little site that will make sure you always get maximum value from the sites you play with online. for example exists to make sure you don’t miss out on a single freebie or bonus betting offer. It’s constantly updated with the latest great deals so if you’re looking for a Canada bonus it’s worth a look. You never know, you might win yourself enough to cover your flight (or at least an airport sandwich!)


Packing clever

Whenever you travel, as we’ve highlighted before, clever packing can count for as much as low cost planning. It means you have the means to do more, go further and make more of your travels than you otherwise would.

Backpacking is like that. It’s not just about making your trip memorable – it’s about cramming as much as you can into every single aspect of your journey. Memories of our adventures are something to treasure for a lifetime, so it always pays to pack as much as we can into them. Great recollections are a path to a different source of enrichment in the years ahead.

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