When most people think about hiking, they think about trails that take an hour or two to complete. However, some die-hard hikers take their hikes serious. They look across the world for multi-day excursions where they can enjoy nature and get more than just a few miles in. Camping gear, hiking boots, and a drive to push further than they ever thought they could. In an effort to help point some of these crazy hikers in the right direction.

Here are 10 of the best multi-day hikes in Canada:

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The West Coast Trail, BC

The West Coast Trail covers 45 miles between Bamfield and Port Renfrew and hikers are able to hike both the beaches and the rain forest when they are on this trail. It is one of the most popular trails in Canada and approximately 8,000 people hike it every year. Hikers should plan on being on the trail for 6-8 days from start to finish.

The Juan de Fuca Trail, BC

The Juan de Fuca Trail is the perfect trail for a person who only has 3-4 days to spend hiking. This trail is only 29 miles long and it can also be hiked in smaller sections, since it has many different access points. If you’re doing the full trail make sure you have some high quality hiking boots – see more.The trail follows the coastline from Port Renfrew to Jordan River. There are multiple stone beaches for hikers to enjoy as they are walking the trails and there is a possibility that people can see black bears, seals, whales, bald eagles and cougars.

The Sunshine Coast Trail, BC

The Sunshine Coast Trail will take at least 12 days to complete from start to finish, however there are multiple access points so that people can also walk a small section as a day hike. The trail is 112 miles long and hikers will travel from the Desolation Sound area all of the way to Saltery Bay. One of the best things about this trail is that it offers hut to hut hiking for free. Hikers are able to use the huts along the trail, but everyone needs to be aware of the fact that they may need to share the huts with others who are out on the trail.

Boreal Trail, Saskatchewan

The Boreal Trail is approximately 74 miles long and hikers get to experience the Saskatchewan Provincial Park which is filled with the beauty of nature. While the trail is marked, there are also opportunities for hikers that want to explore off of the beaten path in the back country.

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The Mantario Trail, Manitoba/Ontario

The Mantario Trail is 41 miles long and it is located at the Manitoba-Ontario border. The majority of the trail lies within Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. This trail is filled with enormous rocks, bogs, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams, forest and beaver dams and should only be hiked by people who are very experienced on the trails.

The Avon Trail, Ontario

The Avon Trail goes from St. Mary’s to Conestoga and is 68 miles long. This trail goes over farmlands as well as a country road or two and hikers will see many small towns along the way.

The Fundy Footpath, New Brunswick

The Fundy Footpath will take hikers at least 4 days to complete and it is 25 miles long. The trail is located along the Fundy Shore from the Fundy Trail Parkway to Fundy National Park. The trail is very rugged and hikers should watch out for slippery rocks and cliffs. Everyone who hikes the trail also needs to know when the tides are coming in, because certain areas like Goose River can only be crossed at low tide.

The East Coast Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador

The East Coast Trail is 335 miles and runs along the Avalon Peninsula. While this is a perfect multi-day hike, there are also 18 access points, so that people who are short on time can hike one of the sections in a day. Hikers will see sea stacks, fjords, lighthouses, icebergs and cliffs while out on these trails. People will also get to experience 32 historic communities, a suspension bridge and two archaeological dig sites that are active.

The Chilkoot Trail, BC

The Chilkoot Trail used to be a gold rush trail during the Klondike Gold Rush and it is one of the more popular trails in Canada. This 33 mile trail will take 4-6 days for a hiker to complete. Hikers will be able to see a couple of artifacts from the Klondike Gold Rush during their hike including canvas boats near the top of Chilkoot Pass and a gas engine winch which is located near the summit.

Akshayuk Pass, Nunavut

Akshayuk Pass is located on Baffin Island in Ayuittuq National Park. This trail is 65 miles long and hikers will get to experience the world’s tallest rock cliffs of Mt. Thor during their minimum 6 day journey. Everyone will get to see hanging glaciers and shear faced mountains and there is even a possibility that some people will see a polar bear or two.

You’ll never forget your first Multi-Day Hike

There are many multi-day hikes available in Canada, so everyone should be able to find the one that can be completed within their scheduled time frame. However, everyone must remember that hiking can be unpredictable and that issues may arise while they are on the trail. Hikers will want to be prepared to spend additional days on the trail if necessary and have extra supplies with them just in case. As long as people are prepared, they should enjoy their days as they are hiking some of the most beautiful places in all of Canada.

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