Sunday Canadian Travel Video: Toronto Tempo

Now that I’ve got this fancy new design up and running, I’m urking to test out some of the new features. Including the large video slider up top. This Sundays “Canadian Travel Video” is a video that went viral a while back, but I have to assume there’s still some people who haven’t seen it. So I want it to be the first video I feature on the new layout.

‘Toronto Tempo’ by Ryan Emond

Toronto Tempo was created by Ryan Emond, a Toronto based photographer, videographer, and visual artist. His time lapses are some of my favourite I’ve ever come across. Ryan was able to capture the city of Toronto perfectly. Anytime I’m lacking creativity, I jump into one of his time lapses and am immediately transported into another city, but in an alternate universe where the world speeds by. If this video doesn’t want to make you take in Toronto, you’re out of your mind.

Check out some of Ryan Emonds other work:

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