Sunday Canadian Travel Video – Toronto Skyline Timelapse

I recently stayed at this incredible new hostel in Toronto called Planet Traveler. (A proper review is coming). To sumarize the stay. It’s incredible! Modern, eco friendly, and best of all has an amazing view of downtown Toronto from their rooftop patio & lounge. While I was catching up on photo edits & some serious amounts of writing I decided to test the limits of my gorillapod & setup shop for some time lapse action.

I wrapped the plastic flexible tripod around one of the handrails that line the rooftop ledge, popped in my iphone4 and pointed it towards the skyline. While I was writing I could hear the whole unit shaking with every gust of wind. As you can see in the video, it captured a lot of that shake. But I feel like the music that I stuck on it fits the shakiness. So lets just say totally meant to do that…

Toronto Skyline Timelapse

Toronto is one of those cities that the more I visit, the more I love. If you would have asked me a few years ago what my thoughts of Toronto were, I probably would have said “Toronto!!! Not for me, you can have it!“. That may or may not have been because I’ve got a some serious small town hick running through these veins. Nowadays I think I could totally live there, or at least spend a significant amount of time there without hating myself. Very cool city, nice people, lots to do, and you can’t not come out of Toronto with at least a couple funny stories.


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