Should America Fear Canada?

In a recent article on Huffington Post, they asked “Can Canada be trusted?“. Apparently some e-mails regarding America’s trust in Canada were recently made public. Several of the e-mails cited America’s closest allies might in fact be “bad guys”. Something many Americans, including Bill O’Reilly from CNN, have suspected for a long time.

This idea was increased in strength a few years ago as espionage warnings caused a huge stir at the Pentagon. There were reports of mysterious Canadian coins with “radio frequency transmitters”. Assumptions were made that Canada was getting their Spy game on. Thankfully this was debunked, and the mighty Canadian “spy device”  turned out to be none other than the Commemorative “Poppy” Canadian 25 cent piece, which has a bright red Poppy inlaid within the Canadian leaf. It turned out the radio transmitter was just an exaggeration. The Poppy, for those who don’t know, is Canada’s flower of War remembrance, which commemorates Canada’s 117,000 deaths caused by the war.

I normally avoid getting political on the web, too many people out there who are 8 times smarter than me in departments such as this. I just feel I need to remind Americans that Canadians are your friends. We’re you’re wingman, your buddy. And to answer the question in the title, No, America should not fear Canada. Nor Public Health Care.

Below are some of the comments from the Huffingtons Post Article that made me chuckle. Below are a few:

-Yep, we’re a real threat there. Completely subversive. Did you know that the first actress to do a real nude scene — skinny dipping — was Canadian actress Nell Shipman? First prime time passionate interracial kiss? Nichelle Nichols and Canadian William Shatner. And Kiefer Sutherland’s Canadian mom, Shirley Douglas, is not only the daughter of Tommy Douglas, father of Canadian medicare, but also got deported from the US for allegedly buying dynamite for the Black Panthers.

Watch out for us, eh

(written by MJinCanada)

–My God, this goes deeper than I ever imagined! They’ve learned our language, nearly perfectly, our customs, and our humor. There must be some super secret intelligence training program up there. Thats the only explanation as to why they blend in so easily. lol

(written by TsaniLK)

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