Product Review: ZUS car finder & USB car charger

Car chargers are one of those weird technological items we don’t give much thought to. They’re a necessary evil; and yet if you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through at least a few different USB chargers in your lifetime. Perhaps because you lost one under your seat, or another just fried out. Or worse, you bought one only to find it barely charges your phone at all. Mixed among my middle console full of quarters, dimes, and loonies, is a graveyard of USB car chargers that never made the cut. Then came along the ZUS Premium USB Car Charger

. I never knew I could enjoy a car charger so much. But what makes it so great?


Rapid Charging USB Devices

Your car generates a tremendous amount of electricity due to the power of combustion; however, up until now few USB Car Chargers took advantage of this. The team behind the ZUS USB Car Charger

said “That isn’t right” – and developed a way to rapidly charger your iPhone or android safely. While most USB car chargers can take ages to charge that dead phone of yours, plugging your device into the ZUS takes no time to get it back to life so you can tune back into Spotify or check those emails outside of work hours (Shame on you!).


Duel USB Ports

My little KIA Rio5 only has one lighter plug, perhaps due to its small size, or perhaps due to the shrinking number of smokers in the world. Needless to say a single USB charging port simply won’t do when both my wife and I are snapping photos as we travel, draining our batteries with each instagram share. Fortunately the ZUS

sports duel usb charging ports, allowing us to keep both our iPhones charged up and ready for the next stop!


Bluetooth Car Finder

If you’ve ever lost your car in a parking lot, then you’ve surely experienced that embarrassing rage you cast towards yourself. You bash the buttons on your FOB hoping your car will honk or the alarm will go off to say to you, “Car – show yourself, while signifying to others in the parking lot that you have the memory of a goldfish. Aside from charging your devices, the ZUS USB Car Charger

has an integrated Bluetooth feature that ties into an iPhone/Android app that saves your cars location every time you turn off the ignition. If you lose your car in the parking lot, or even the campgrounds, you can open the free ZUS app to get pointed to where you left your wheels.

Is this the best USB Car Charger?

As far as I can tell. Yes! This thing is awesome!


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