Product Review: Travel Underwear with Pick-Pocket Prevention

Product reviews are gradually becoming something I look forward to. I get a kick out of trying the latest outdoor and travel related gizmos and gadgets. Whether it’s the latest travel app on the iPhone, a camping blender for my friends at Outdoor Informer, or most recently, gotch. Technically boxer-briefs, but you read that right. 95% Cotten, 5% spandex, butt huggin’, gentlemen securing, underwear.


The kind folks from The Clever Travel Companion sent me over some of the latest travel duds for your unmentionables. What’s great about this particular design of underwear isn’t the fact that they’re comfy, or that they’re surprisingly sleek and sexy. It’s the pockets! Two front pockets, that are perfectly sized to fit your passport, credit cards, money, and any other important documents you might carry while you travel.

Protect Your Goods with Pockets

It’s natural to be protective of your identity. While some countries seem to be more prone to this type of theft than others, it can and does happen in Canada. Ensuring all of your documents and bank accounts are protected can be crucial when it means crossing borders, or heading home if you’re from away. It would be pretty difficult for any would-be thiefs to pick-pocket through your jeans. Even if they were crazy enough to try, I’m sure you’d be in full on defence mode if someone started getting grabby down there.

So you might be wondering, “Sure, they make sense, and probably work. But do you sacrifice comfort for security?

Nope! The fabric feels great, and the fit ensures “everything” stays in place. I’m a big fan of the boxer-brief style, and the folks at The Clever Travel Companion did good work on the overall construction and quality of their mens underwear. The pocket zippers feel like they’re sturdy and could be definitely be trusted with hanging onto your documents. Despite what my photos show, the pockets allow the entire passport to be zipped up.

While it takes a bit of getting used to the feeling of having a couple pockets in your underwear, you stop noticing after a few minutes. Even with the pockets filled with credit cards & a passport, it’s by all means not uncomfortable. These undergarments would make a perfect gift for travellers, or a great buy for yourself if you’re heading somewhere sketchy.

The Clever Travel Companion offers underwear with pockets for both men & women in multiple sizes & colours. They currently sell for $29.90 USD on their website. Be sure to check them out on Twitter too! @CleverTravelCo



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