Product Review: Imagine Camping’s Legendary Fireside Fork

Once upon a time, a hunter or gatherer discovered that food tasted much better when cooked over the open fire. For thousands of years we have benefited from this profound discovery from a nameless man or woman. Whether you prefer cooking food in the oven, on the stove, or over a barbeque, when you’re out camping in the wild,  the roasting stick is the preferred option by most. The technology behind it hasn’t changed much, until Imagine Camping took a stab at it. Introducing the Fireside Fork!

Child Friendly

Roasting sticks are a parents worst nightmare, at least on a camp trip. Burns from lesser quality roasting sticks are all too familiar during the summer months. Being a boy myself once upon a time, I know how easy it is to turn any stick-like item into a lightsaber. Imagine Camping’s Fireside Fork includes a wood slider which makes it easier to take food off the fork after roasting.


Rapid Cooling

If you’ve ever used a coat hanger as a roasting stick you’ll know that those pieces of metal stay hot for ages. Accidentally grab the wrong end and you may find yourself the proud owner of an awful blister. The Imagine Camping’s Fireside Fork cools 15x faster than other roasting sticks, ensuring a smaller chance of earning yourself a nasty burn.


Portable Storage

My favourite feature of the Fireside Fork is how small and compact it can be when in storage mode. It’s easy to setup and easy to take apart. The adjustable length ensures you can comfortably roast food from just about any distance from the fire. The included carrying case keeps all of the pieces together and organized.

Is this Roasting Stick worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely. This roasting stick feels like a high quality tool. It reminds me of a high quality swiss carving knife. With high quality wood end holding pieces, lightweight aluminum metal, and the high end case all make this camping product a superb gift for food lovers and campers alike. At $12.50 for a single Fireside Fork and $42.00 for the double fireside fork set, it’s an affordable tool for one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. Check out the Imagine Camping website for more information!

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