Photo Du Jour – Downtown Vancouver Skyline

Since starting I Backpack Canada in 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to see some extraordinary places and meet countless other travel writers and bloggers. The community and sense of “family” that’s developed around the travel blogging industry initially caught me by surprise. It has now become my go-to when I have questions regarding everything from ethics, photography tips, improving my writing, or mastering the art of inspiring others to do what you do.

In June I had the opportunity to participate in my first TBEX, (Travel Blog Exchange). TBEX ’11 was held in Vancouver British Columbia. Thousands of writers, bloggers, and PR folks met to discuss business at large and share a few cocktails. Near the finale of it all, many of the bloggers were invited to hang out on a yacht like a bunch of millionaires.

Millionaires we are most certainly not. But scoring photos like these, sometimes I wonder if I should be. (Ha!)

I’m still considering biting the bullet to attend TBEX 2012 in Colorado, but I’ll have to see where exactly in Canada I am around that time.

Will you be at TBEX 2012?

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