Nova Scotia Bound – Part Two

The flights went relatively smooth, aside from the 2 hour delay in Toronto. After the plane finished loading the passengers, one of Air Canada’s crew found something wrong with the plane. Whatever it was they found, it must have been pretty ugly, as the flight was delayed almost two hours. If it wasn’t for the in-air entertainment systems I’m pretty sure they would have had a riot. Each time the Captain would update us on the situation you’d hear sighs and tongue clicks. I was in no hurry, so I managed to catch up on a couple TV shows and a bit of a movie.

Turns out Air Canada’s apology was sincere. If you measure sincerity in the amount of free alcoholic beverages they provide. Which was many. I took advantage by

having a couple Heineken. My friend Justin, who’s traveling with me, wanted to see how far they’d let him go. 3 Beers, and 4 Rye and Cokes later, they insisted they couldn’t serve him anymore alcohol as we were landing soon. We believed that until we looked at the Flight Map and saw we still had 45 minutes left in flight time. Turns out they were just trying to cut him off as polite as possible.

After landing in Halifax, we grabbed our rental car, and made our way to a hotel. We managed to score a booking at the “Commons Inn” for a couple nights. The prices are reasonable, and it’s near Spring Gardens Road, a great little strip full of pubs and restaurants. After getting settled in and showered, we realized we hadn’t eaten much since early morning.

Thankfully my sister knows several locals, and they recommended we check out “Your Father’s Moustache Pub and Eatery”. We ordered food ( A lobster died on behalf of the delicious Lobster Roll I ordered) and finished it off with a few drinks. What’s great about Halifax is that walking from place to place really isn’t that difficult. Everything is relatively close. There’s so many places to stop and check out and poke your head in that you’re never bored getting from place to place.

Today was a relatively easy day, pretty non-eventful, I think we’re just going to enjoy the weekend, check out some sights and sounds, then get my sisters things together and get her moved back into Uni, and start some serious sightseeing then.

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