My Very Canadian Entry For Capture The Colour Contest

There’s this neat little contest going around that’s hosted by, it’s aimed at bloggers who take photos. Seeing as I fit the bill I figured I’d give it a go. Basically you need to submit a photo that is red, a photo that is green, a photo that is blue, a photo that is white and lastly another that is yellow. Winner takes home $2000! As you may know us bloggers don’t make a bunch of money, so I figured it was worth a shot. Could always use some extra quiche to put towards my debt (or pay for more travels).



Quebec City, home to some of Canada’s best food, most beautiful arts, and quirky things found throughout the city. This photo features these giant red flower pots which reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. The two people walking past are an Australian lady and a local Quebecois woman who was touring the Aussie and I around Old Quebec. Having them in the photo really helped provide a sense of scale for these massive red pots. It was taken on the fly so it’s definitely not the BEST photo, but I thought it was unique and needed to be shot.



This photo was taken on a small hiking trail on Grand Manan Island, a little island off the coast of New Brunswick. Walking through these trails on this beautiful maritimes island, you are completely enveloped in shades of green. This one particular spot I thought the sun was shining through perfectly, and the moss combined with the decaying trees made for a great subject.



Taken last week in Toronto, the sharp lines and curves in this photo give it a strange perspective, and really showcase the beauty of the architecture in Toronto. I suspect people living in Toronto sometimes forget to look up, but anytime I’m in the city I’m always blown away by the beauty in these man made mountains.



The Sour Toe Cocktail of Dawson City Yukon; while hardly yellow, is traditionally kept in a jar of preservatives. However, when somebody signs up to join the Sour Toe CockTail club, the toe along with its salt are piled on top of a yellow certificate which does very little to make you want to put this severed human toe into your glass of whiskey. I joined the Sour Toe Cocktail Club a couple months back, surprisingly not as gross as you’d think. The trick is to not think about it. Ever.



During my recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba, I managed to score a seat on the infamous Tundra Buggy’s. These Tundra Buggy’s are really more like a bear proof rovers that keep visitors high off the ground in these monster bus’s, away from the hungry mouths of polar bears. I was given the opportunity to walk around the tundra and explore, unfortunately I got a bit too close to some baby Herring Gull’s, and Mom decided to get in defence mode. She chased me around for a while, and while I thought it was funny, she was clearly angry. I managed to snap a photo of her just as she swooped over me. It’s rare to see something so white so angry, which is why I chose this photo!

Now that my submissions are out in the wild I’m meant to nominate some other bloggers. Unfortunately all of the bloggers I know / read have been nominated already, so rather than wasting nominations I’m just hoping some other bloggers want to join. If so just leave a comment and I’ll make it official by updating this post with a link to your blog!


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