Motorhome Travel Tips for Beginners

Be it family or your own weekend trip with the motorhome, you need to be well versed with the vehicle and its handling to avoid all kinds of hassle and troubles on the road. If you’re an RV / Motorhome beginner looking for an enjoyable holiday touring experience in Canada– you should brush up with these quick tips for a better motorhome experience. Before you set out you will need to get motorhome insurance. This is a legal requirement in most countries. It can be cheap – just look around online for a company that looks legitimate. Try a specialist, like the Caravan Club.


Decide first if you wish to rent or buy

Depending on the usage possibilities you will have to first decide if you wish to rent and use the motorhome or to own it. If it is only for a one time use, obviously it’s better to rent it, however if purchasing a motorhome it would be a wise decision to get it insured. Motorhome insurance will give you peace of mind and protect the vehicle from any kind of damage or theft. There are many motorhome insurance companies in the market – buy one that gives a comprehensive coverage of all your needs.

Learn about how a motorhome works

Even if you rent it, it’s important to know the basic mechanical workings as if there is a breakdown you may have to access the problem and solve it single-handedly. You will also be able to avoid many operational errors if you know the internal parts. Read the manual very well and spend some time with it before you plan the tour.


Go for a practice drive

I don’t care if you’re if you’re Dale Earnhardt Jr., driving a motorhome can be quite different. Take smaller trips on similar terrains of the tour planned. Try to practice the difficult parts like switching lanes, ascending hills and traversing parks. Once you are done with these driving intricacies you will have to look into the interior adjustments like ways to keep the drawers shut as they would often pop open while driving etc.

Keep tools and spare parts with you

A well-stocked toolkit is a MUST. While driving a motorhome, you need to keep some nuts, bolts, jumper cables, light bulbs, fuses etc. If your motorhome needs any special parts, make sure you have them beforehand or else you may have to wait a while for company supplies.

Prepare a camping checklist

To keep the motorhome safely secured in the camping site, you will need electrical, sewage and water hook-ups. Secure the vehicle’s rig by choking the wheels. Finally, take out the awning and set up your campsite.

Hopefully the above will be a useful preliminary guide towards your first motorhome trip. If you’re looking to purchase an RV or Motorhome in Canada consider checking out Kijiji or AutoTrader. Consider having a mechanic take a look at it before purchasing. It’s a small fee to prevent a large loss!

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