Moose Hopping Out West In June

Rocky Mountains

Next month is looking to be a big month for I Backpack Canada. With TBEX 2011 on the horizon and some upcoming summer travels approaching, I have nothing but the highest of hopes for June. However, with all this great stuff coming up, the one thing that’s got me most psyched has got to be my upcoming tour with Moose Network. They’re throwing me & that crazy redhead from Newfoundland, Candice, of CandiceDoesTheWorld on the Hoodapus tour through the Rocky Mountains!

We’ll be travelling 2300km through Beautiful British Columbia, weaving through pristine lakes, rivers, and hopefully the odd waterfall on our mega-awesome 7 day quest through some of Canada’s best National Parks. Candice & I have never done any travel together, so fingers crossed she’s actually able to put up with me. I expect our mutual love for beer & all things fun should make for a hilariously great time.

Be sure to follow us during the  ride. We’ll be snapping photos like the paparazzi, writing like a novelist, and ripping & tearing like Hedo Rick (click that link, you’ll thank me).



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