Learn to Sail in Canada with these 5 Sailing Courses

Sailing in Canada can be an enjoyable experience if you know what you are doing. Thankfully there are many people who can teach you not only how to sail, but also the best places to sail while you are in Canada.

Here are 5 sailing courses that will teach you everything that you need to know:


Simply Sailing School

The Simply Sailing School is located in Vancouver and they offer classes from basic all the way to the advanced level. The basic sailing course leaves from a marina in Vancouver and all of the day sailing classes take place in English Bay. If you choose to take the cruise and learn classes, which are two days or more and you live on the boat during that time, you will sail to the Gulf Islands, Howe Sound or the Sunshine Coast. The cost for the basic day sailing classes is $690 for one person.

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Sou’wester Adventures Sailing School

Sou’wester Adventures Sailing School offers basic sailing lessons in Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia. Everyone is trained so that they have the skills and knowledge to handle a 20-30 foot boat. The cost of the basic cruising course is $650 per person.

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Stowaway Adventures

Stowaway Adventures offer sailing courses near Vancouver Island. Their cruise and learn sailing course can be customized for each individual and their schedule. All of their courses include destinations like Desolation Sound, Gulf Island and the Sunshine Coast. The cost for a single person taking a 5 day cruise and learn course is $1,100 and they also have amazing rates for 7, 9 and 15 days.

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Vancouver Sailing Club

The Vancouver Sailing Club has a beginner sailing course that is available year round. During the course, everyone learns how to sail in the English Bay and around Granville Island. The price for the course is $259 per person, however they offer discounts for couples and groups of 3-9 people.


Capt. Mac’s Sailing

At Capt. Mac’s School of Seamanship, everyone is taught by Capt. Mac himself. He has been instructing students for over 30 years and has logged over 60,000 teaching miles. While he concentrates on teaching everyone how to sail, he also spends a lot of time teaching people what they need to know in order to sail a boat safely. He takes his students to the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound. His basic cruising course includes on board accommodation, on board food, wine with dinner, study material, exam, logbook and a sail Canada certification for only $899. Capt. Mac also offers discounts for groups of 2 or more.

Looking for Sailing Inspiration? Check out La Vagabonde on Youtube

This is one of my favourite travel web series. I highly encourage everyone to watch La Vagabonde, whether you’re into sailing or not. It’s a fun travel series that has made a flatlander such as myself consider taking up sailing. Keep up the great work Elayna & Riley! Visit their website for more information.

Now that you know where you can learn to sail, all that you need to do is choose a place that fits your needs and expectations. After your training, you can successfully go out and sail wherever your heart desires and make it part of your future travels.

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