Last minute Hotel Deals in Canada

last minute hotel deals canada

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For traveling couples, the thought of spending a night together in a hostel may not be the height of their romantic lifestyle. However, hotels have a tendency to be expensive. But if you do enough digging, you can find last minute hotel rooms for the cost of a double room in a hostel. Using RatesToGo, RedTag, or CAA,  you should have no problem finding a last minute hotel for under 70 dollars in any major city in Canada, however a little luck can make all the difference.

As a backpacker, it sometimes feels like cheating when you’re comfortable and have the ability to spread out in your own space. It’s way too easy to grow accustom to being in a cramped dorm. However, if you’ve been on the road for months, sometimes decompressing in a private room is all you need. I’ve personally used RedTag along with CAA several times without any problems. These hotel deals are fairly easy to find, you just need to set aside a few minutes to search through some websites to find the best deal, along with the best location.

Remember that if none of those engines turn up with any good deals, hostels and backpackers tend to have some good doubles and ensuites. However during the peak season you may notice they are booked up. So plan a couple days in advance just to be safe.

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