I made it in the Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students

Looks like I’m still awesome, despite slowing down my number of posts in the last month. (Which btw, should change soon). I Backpack Canada was recently included in CollegeScholarships.org Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students. Included in this list were heavy weights Lonely Planet, Gadling, Matador, Nomadic Matt and Travelling Greener. I follow a large portion of these bloggers, however, was surprised to see several I had heard about, but never actually got around to reading. So needless to say, I spent the day subscribing to RSS feeds (something I hope you’ve done already with I Backpack Canada). Be sure to check out the list, there’s some great blogs out there! I’ll try my best to stop patting my own back and get to work now!

For your enjoyment, here’s a picture of the turkey I recently cooked. It was delightful.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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