How to travel with a dog to Canada

It’s hard leaving home without our pets. When it comes to how to travel with a dog to Canada, there’s a few important things you’ll need to know before you can rest assured that both you and your little furry friend will make it into Canada to proceed with your travels. Take notes, because this information could save you a ton of wasted time at the border crossing.

Expect Delays at the border

If you’re going to travel with a dog to Canada you should expect delays at the border. Canada Border Services Agency may end up inspecting your dog


Dog Vaccinations

Dogs brought to Canada must have all required vaccines depending on the age of the dog. A dog that is less than 3 months of age at the time does not require rabies vaccine, but you’ll likely be asked for the pets age to confirm. Bring paperwork just to be sure as this process can take a while and they’ll want to ensure that everything looks legit.

Inspection Fees & taxes for bringing your dog into Canada

Inspection Fees and taxes for bringing your dog into Canada can run you 30 dollars for the first pet, and 5 dollars extra for any additional dog. Ensure your dogs have their rabies vaccinations or you may be subject to additional fines. All of these fines need to be paid at the time of border crossing, so be sure you have cash or credit on hand in order to cover the cost. Dogs will be inspected by CFIA and the Canadian Border Agents.


Dog Food

You may be wondering if you’re allowed to bring pet food across the border. According to the Canadian Government website, personal imports of pet food from the united states are allowed under specific conditions. Imports from other countries however are prohibited.

For more information check out the Canadian Government website on importing or traveling with dogs to Canada. Looking for Dog Friendly Accommodations, search for Pet Friendly AirBNB’s and use this link for $40 off your first stay.

Have you ever traveled to Canada with a Dog? Any issues at the border? Comment below!

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