How To Move To Canada – A Post Brexit Immigration Guide

2016 will go down in history for the most Google searches for “how to move to Canada”. Between the potential Trump presidency in the US, and the narrow “Leave” vote from the recent Brexit referendum which will see the UK leaving the EU, Canada may be in for some new citizens. Fortunately, immigration to Canada is fairly simple, and even more simple for UK citizens. Let’s dive in to how to move to Canada!

Move to Canada with a Working Holiday Visa

While many people I’m sure are very serious in their google searches, moving to a new country is serious business. You’ll be starting completely from scratch, without family, without friends, in a new city. While Canada is similar to the UK, it’s also noticeably different. Moving to Canada won’t be for everyone. Canadian winters aren’t anything to joke about. If you’d rather dip your toe into life in the Great White North, consider checking out some of the Work Abroad Visas.

Since 1975, Canada has been welcoming people between the ages of 18 and 35 to live and travel in Canada to get a full-time experience of what it’s like to live in Canada. The IEC 2016 Working Holiday application is open to several countries, and while some recent changes in 2016 have been put in place, it’s still a fairly simple process. Applications go into a pool, if the application is selected then the Cadidate will receive a letter of invitation – which then allows you to apply for the Working Holiday permit. Find out more information at the links at the end of this article.


Marry a Canadian to become a Canadian

As with most modern countries, should you find yourself in a commited relationship with a Canadian, pulling the trigger on the “W” word can grant you access to Canadian Citizenship. The unfortunate part of this method is that it’s wildly slow. While visa programs for refugees are often expedited, the process through marriage can take years in some cases.

This particular method for moving to Canada does not require any minimum income; but it helps being employed, as will passing a criminal, security, and medical exam. A word of warning to those looking to shack up for the card, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) catches marriage fraud on a daily basis, so try your best to marry for the classically romantic reasons such as for love, or money.


Move to Canada for School

Canadian universities, colleges, and technical institutes allow a ton of students from the UK. keep in mind, the lower Canadian Loonie will truly make this option an affordable one for moving to Canada. Even if the British Pound drops down to the value of the American Dollar, you’ll still be benefiting from exchange rates. CIC notes that UK students studying abroad in Canada for a minimum of one year may also get a 1 year work permit. Study for 2 years and you guessed it, you’ll score a 2 year work visa.

You can work up to twenty hours per week as full time throughout summer vacation. It definitely will make the stay in Canada cheaper, and permits you to pick up some work experience which might be valuable for your new life in Canada. Or worst case, you move back to the UK down the road with an extra line on your resume.


Be Ultra Rich, Wave Some Cash, Move to Canada

Something Londoners will know all too well. The supposed benefit of trickle down economics can also be found in Canada. Yes, even in liberal social democratic Canada, immigrant investor programs continue to exist allowing the ultra rich quick access to moving to Canada. Each province has its very own investor program; however, most require a net worth of at least a 1.8 million dollars, relevant business experience, and an agreement to invest a $800,000 into Canada.

So if you’re a true blue baller with that kind of cheddar, welcome aboard!


Move your Business To Canada and Tag Along

If you’re a business tycoon, or even just an ordinary small to medium sized business owner, you’ll be excited to hear that if you’re able to move your business to Canada, you’ll get to tag along and become a Canadian. On top of that, your spouse and children are invited as well. CIC requires applicants to have relevant experience, including:

  • taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level,
  • been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics, or
  • experience in managing a farm.

CIC will assess you on your experience, education, age, language abilities, and adaptability. The typical medical, security, and criminal check will have to be performed before they allow you in. You’ll also need to prove that you’re a valuable asset to the Canadian economy in either a report or an interview. It helps to show that you plan on hiring Canadians, but like all immigration applications, nothing is guaranteed.

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Looking for more information on Moving to Canada?

Check out the CIC website – they have a superb “Getting Started” section on how to become a Canadian citizen.

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What are your thoughts on Brexit? Plan on moving to Canada or think this is all a fad? Comment below!

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