How to get Free Wifi in Airports

A few weeks back I came across an article on how to get free wifi at airports. Knowing I was going to be flying soon I bookmarked it.

Smart idea, as luck would have it, this little travel hack seemed to work at the Regina Airport. As many of you know, Airport Wifi will cost you an arm and a leg, and is usually not worth it. However, if you are traveling with a laptop, then you might want to to give this a try. As you may know, when you’re connected to airport wifi, your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc) will display a login page / payment page for whichever company is providing the wireless. In my case it was “Boingo”, telling me to login to my account or insert some credit card details in order to be charged a horendous amount for a few minutes of surfing. No matter how many pages you try going to, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, you name it, it redirects you to “their” page. According to the hack if you add ?.jpeg at the end of any URL you may be able to bypass the wifi’s security. So rather than just typing “”, one would try ““. Tada! Internet!

I understand some of you may see this as stealing. I however don’t. So give it a go, you know you want to…

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