Help Stop Bill C-11 from Ruining The Internet

First off, I’m not much of a political guy. I vote when I have to. I try to stay as informed as I can to ensure I make rational decisions. I don’t think I’ve ever even really protested in my life (Except when they took Firefly off the air). As you all know by now, SOPA was defeated in the United States. But the battle for the safety and freedom of the internet is still on in Canada. We can’t beat Bill C-11 alone! We don’t have the luxury of huge website blackouts to help raise awareness. So we need to recruit as many people to fight with us to ensure these Digital Locks don’t happen.

I’m making this short, and asking you to do a few simple things.

If you’re Canadian: 

Write your Local MP – (Here’s a template if you suck at writing politicians)

Sign this Petition

Protest Bill C-11

Join this Facebook Group & Share the crap out of it

If you’re not a Maple Syrup Sucker:

Please just help spread the word. Tweet, share on Facebook, Stumble, you name it. Any Canadian you educate is another that could help turn the tides in our favour. #StopBillC11


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