Find Cheap Flights to Vancouver and Save Money

Vancouver is a fabulous place to live or visit, but as most people know, the city is one of the most expensive cities in Canada. You’ll find that you’re stuck spending more on transportation, accommodations, and food than most other cities in Canada. So to make your visit to the west coast a bit more friendly I wanted to share some budget saving tips to make your trip to Vancouver easier on your wallet.

Save Money With These Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

Anyone that wants to fly in or out of Vancouver will find that they can save a lot of money on their flights if they do a little bit of research before they book. Most people do not realize that booking flights for departures and arrivals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are much cheaper than departing or arriving flights any other day of the week. More savings can be had when travelers skip the checked luggage and take what they need in their carry-on bags. That tip alone can save you between $25 and $50 per flight. One of the perks of packing light!

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Book flights to Vancouver with local providers to find the best deal

Travelers who book with Nanak Flights will also see significant savings. You can find significantly discounted flights from the airlines on their website and they pass those savings to their customers. Nanak Flights guarantees that they have the cheapest flights from Vancouver to all domestic and international locations and they will match a lower price if a person happens to find one. Currently, Nanak Flights is also running a promotion where they give their customers a $10 gas reward card for all domestic flight tickets to or from Vancouver. Click here to visit their website and find a cheap flight. I always recommend shopping around and seeing what else is available. A quick 5-10 minutes of digging around could save you an entire nights stay in a hotel or more.

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Save Money In Vancouver

Once you reach Vancouver, there are many things that youcan do to save even more money. Some options that don’t cost a lot of money or that are completely free (bonus!) include visiting Stanley Park for a picnic lunch and biking along the sea wall. Hiking Grouse Mountain is another option that many outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy and the views from the top are spectacular. Canada Place is the perfect spot to walk around, especially on the Canadian Trail with phenomenal views of the North Shore Mountains. Wandering around Lynn Canyon is also free and no one will want to miss out on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Or spend the afternoon wandering through Vancouver’s Chinatown. Consider checking out my complete travel guide to Vancouver for more amazing things to see and do.

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No one should cross Vancouver off their list of destinations because of the cost. Instead, make use of the above tips and watch the cost of your visit to this beautiful city drop dramatically. Expect to pay a bit more for everything in Vancouver, especially if you’re considering sticking around long term. With a bit of careful planning you shouldn’t have an issue saving at least a day or two worth of travel budget that you can put aside for future travel, or splurging while you’re in the city.

What do you think of Vancouver? Any travel tips or savings for this city? Comment below!

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