Environmental Jobs in Canada

Many people consider Canada a leader in Environmental preservation, although this is normally quite true statistically speaking, there is still lots of Eco-work out there for those willing to help.

Eco Canada has a great job board dedicated to Environmental Jobs. There are countless different areas one can apply for, anything from Lab Technicians and Biologists to Financial Analysts and Secretary’s. If you have the qualifications and want to work in a rewarding area, be sure to check them out.

Another great job board worth looking into is GoodWork. They have more positions, particularly because a lot of the jobs don’t require as many prerequisites as Eco Canada does. Plenty of part time, casual and seasonal work. So if you only plan on staying a while, these jobs might be in your interest.

For those looking at picking fruit and working on a farm, check out WWOOF – Willing Workers on Organic Farms – No experience necessary for these jobs. This is a worldwide organization that helps “willing workers” find jobs on (you guessed it) organic farms. This program is very big in New Zealand and Australia. A one year registration will cost you $45. Once signed up you can browse by province, area, farms, fruits, seasons, etc, and find a place worthy of working. WWOOFing however, is not a paying gig. You are volunteering and in return for your help, you will receive food and accommodation and a locals view on life in that area. It’s not uncommon to luck out and find a farm with all the cool farm toys you can imagine. Quads, bikes, a boat, etc, and more often than not the owners are happy to give you a personal tour of the area. One great thing about WWOOFing is you do NOT need a working visa.

One of my favourite Environmental Job boards is WorkCabin – – They have a massive site and probably the most comprehensive list of Eco friendly jobs in Canada. Volunteer work and paying jobs can be found here. Some for the experienced environmentalist, others for those just beginning work in this field. Keep an eye out for “Field Assistant” jobs, there’s nothing like making a forest or river your pseudo office for a while.

Ducks Unlimited – is a great organization to take part in. They have countless offices across Canada, and if you’re lucky enough to score a job with them, you’re sure to enjoy it. However, jobs are quite hard to come by with Ducks Unlimited. They do have several volunteer preservation programs, many of which depend on the area you are in. If you’re interested in Ducks Unlimited, check the Local Yellow Pages, and find out if they are in need of assistance. While backpacking across Canada you may see their ads on TV, Billboards, and if your lucky they may have an arrangement setup with the local hostel.

Red Leaf is a great organization which provides international volunteers a chance to participate in Environmental Conservation, Animal Care, Children’s Programs, and Community Support. Definitely worth checking out, keep in mind there is a fee to participate, still, they’re doing lots of good work with several projects and could by all means use your help.

If you’re still having trouble finding the work you want after checking all of these sites out, start checking local newspapers in the classifieds section for jobs. Work in the environmental field can be very rewarding, it may not pay the best, nor be the most glamorous job, but it does leave you with a feeling that you’re doing something worthwhile.

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