iBackpackCanada wins Award for Best Travel Blog in Canada

Looks like I’m doing something right. I was just given the honour of receiving the award for Best Travel Blog in Canada by GoMedia2010 and the Canadian Tourism Commission. So I’m basically just basking in this surreal state of “Did that just happen?!” I’d love to stick a few photos up of me accepting the award in this mega cool white blazer I wore, my own personal ode to Miami Vice. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera to the luncheon, so I’ll try and grab the photos from GoMedia and CTC when they are published.

Best Travel Blog in Canada

Can somebody say "Award Winning Travel Blog?!?!"

I can’t stress how thankful I am of this opportunity. In the last 24 hours I’ve met some of the biggest names in the Travel Industry, and each and everyone of them have welcomed me with open arms. To top it all off, I won a ticket to TBEX2011 Vancouver along with a round trip flight and 2 nights accommodation. Say what?! (Hotel Party, that’s what!)

Thanks GoMedia, and thanks CTC, you guys rock! Hope to see you guys at GoMedia2011! And incase you want to see what my perma-wtf face looks like. Here it is!

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