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Travel Scams in Canada You Need To Watch Out For

Canada has a fairly low crime rate all around, meaning even in larger cities you shouldn’t have to be too concerned with swindlers and con artists. But there are a few travel scams that are worth mentioning, as they can be unique to Canada, and if you haven’t come across them before, you’re more likely […]

Where to Buy Backpacker Travel Insurance for EU Residents

Backpackers who refuse to purchase travel insurance often have one excuse. They think that since they don’t need backpacker insurance because they are healthy and hence, they won’t get sick while on the road. But backpacker travel insurance is not just about coverage against medical costs should something happen to you while backpacking. It covers […]


Motorhome Travel Tips for Beginners

Be it family or your own weekend trip with the motorhome, you need to be well versed with the vehicle and its handling to avoid all kinds of hassle and troubles on the road. If you’re an RV / Motorhome beginner looking for an enjoyable holiday touring experience in Canada– you should brush up with these quick […]

Halifax Burying Ground - Downtown

10 ways to Die in Canada

Despite what they say, Canada can be pretty dangerous. In fact, it might even be it’s middle name. Sure we might not have the most poisonous creatures on our continent, nor any ongoing wars. But there are a few things you should know. So before you set out to see the ‘True North Strong and […]

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