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18 Things To Do In Calgary, Alberta

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is one of the most popular Western Canadian cities to visit, Calgary, Alberta. This prairie city has a population of over 1.2 million residents. With that large of a population you know that there is plenty of things to do in Calgary. While you shouldn’t have any […]


18 Things To Do In Edmonton, Alberta

The city of Edmonton is often overshadowed by Calgary. It’s further north, off the main Trans Canada highway. But I think that it’s distance away from the southern parts of Canada allows it to stand apart. It’s got it’s own unique flavour of “big city”. A true-blue Alberta Oil town surrounded by nature, and filled […]

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3 Budget Friendly Ski Resorts in Alberta

Budget friendly ski resorts aren’t always easy to come by. While there are quite a few wonderful discounted resorts to ski around the world, many people do not realize that some of the best, and cheapest, ski resorts can be found in Alberta, Canada . In an effort to save you some money on winter activities, I’ve compiled my […]

The Complete Guide To National Parks in Canada

Canada is filled with national parks and each one is unique in its own way. Some of the parks are more popular than others and there are a couple that hardly ever see any visitors. However, people should really consider trying to see all of the national parks in order to really appreciate the beauty […]

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