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The largest hostel network in Canada is that of HI Hostels. From the big cities, to the small towns, to the wild, off-the-beaten-path hostels that make you think “No way! There’s a hostel there?!”. Chances are if you find yourself doing any amount of backpacking in Canada, sooner or later you’ll end up with your head on one of their pillows. Something many people don’t take advantage is their HI Memberships. Canada is not the cheapest place to travel, so every little bit counts. Thankfully the folks at HI Hostels have recently made it a bit easier to get their card in your hands.

Marian Gaborik Pumping Fist

Yeah! Pump that fist Marian!

HI Hostels is officially selling memberships online! All you need is a trusty Credit Card along with your details to get the ball rolling. Of coarse, you can always pick up a membership at one of their 300+ membership sales agents across Canada.  If you plan on backpacking for more than a week, the membership literally pays for itself. I should note that I am in no way being sponsored by HI Hostels or anything crazy like that to post about this (although… I am always open to discussion… wink wink). I just thought reminding people to save money was a noble cause, particularly because I’ve been so broke lately.

So what kind of benefits & discounts do you get for becoming an HI Member

  • On average you’re looking at saving about $4.00 off at hostels in Canada. You’re also going to score cheaper hostel rates across their global network of hostels (over 4,200 locations!).
  • For the Canada Travelers, you’re looking at over 420 discounts across Canada. By simply flashing that mighty card-of-awesomeness you can save money on bike rentals, bus travel, car rentals, brewery tours, scenic tours, whale watching, zoo’s, museums, art galleries, and hot springs, just to name a few.
  • The HI-Comm ekit phone services also comes with every membership. This acts as a suped up international phone card, email account, and voicemail where friends can leave you messages while you’re on the road.

The hosteling network in Canada continues to grow and expand to new regions of Canada. It gets me absolutely pumped up to see that happen, and I personally look forward to adding new hostels and areas on my bucket list. Hostels really do determine the ease of travel for young adults. Without HI Canada, travel in this vast country would be much more expensive.
Get Your HI Hostels Membership today!

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