Bus Travel is still one of the cheapest transportation options, and it just got better!

I’ve written a lot about flights in Canada, and complain quite often about how expensive they can be. I’ve stacked up the Airlines, welcomed new ones, and even wrote about why you might want to pick trains over planes. But the trusty bus doesn’t get as much love, despite it being one of the cheapest transportation option out there. Why is that?

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Unfortunately finding bus tickets online, and even booking a bus online has always been a bit problematic. In this day and age we expect information immediately. Waiting for slow pages to load, searching multiple websites, or god-forbid, phoning an operator, can mean a lot of missed opportunities. One company is trying to make searching for trains, and yes, even bus rides, easier for everyone.

A glimmer of hope for searching bus tickets online

GoTicketCa is aiming to bridge the gap and make finding tickets and schedules as simple as we’ve come to expect finding hotels, flights, and all inclusive trips. Their new website is a simple to use search engine that helps users find the best train routes, the best bus routes, and all with your budget in mind. Using their site is a breeze in comparison to a certain Canadian GreyHound website we’ve all stumbled upon.

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Why choose bus travel?

It may not be sexy, and it’s certainly not fast in comparison to flights. But you’re going to get there on a minimal amount of dollars, and sometimes even beat the railroad, which constantly has to pull over for the train cars with import shipping containers. Long haul buses have gotten a lot more comfy over the years, and fortunately the Trans Canada Highway is pretty well entirely connected with 3g/4g access, meaning you can stream music, videos, and play all the phone games you can imagine during those 8-10 hour stretches. Final bonus, overnight buses mean you save coin and don’t have to cough up dough on a stay in a hostel or hotel.

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