9 Great Canadian Souvenirs Worth Stuffing In Your Luggage

It’s no secret that tourists love a good souvenir. It can be something as simple as a dollar bill, a postcard, or something more unique. Sometimes it’s nice to spend the extra time and money to find a souvenir you can share with family and friends as you regale them about your journeys. Looking for souvenirs to take home from Canada? Or perhaps order online after having completely spaced? Check these out:

1. Canadian Maple Syrup

Canadians love maple syrup

, so much that we regularly showcase it at airports, and tourist locations for you to take a jar or can home. Whether you plan on cooking with it, tossing it on your pancakes or waffles, or plan on stirring a bit into your coffee, tea, or lattés, there’s a maple syrup for you.

2. Canadian Candy


, chocolate bars
, candys
, there are countless treats worth taking home to share with your friends or family. From Poutine
, Ketchup
, to the infamous “All Dressed
” chips, salty treats are light, and can pack fairly well if you have room. Check out my post on the ultimate Canadian Candy list and my post 17 unique and delicious Canadian Candies.


3. Canadian First Nations Art

First Nation Art

is one of Canada’s most unique treasures. There’s something heart warming about helping support local artists by purchasing paintings, carvings, or sculptures created by first nation artists across Canada. What’s great is that styles, and muses change so much from region to region. A visit to Canada must include a Pow-Wow, or check out a place like Wanuskewin and see if you can find something neat to take home.


Dieu du Ciel! Beer Montreal Quebec Canada

4. Canadian Beer

While a total pain to pack, I have heard of people cleverly covering each bottle in their 6 pack in thick socks to ensure the bumpy flight doesn’t break their precious micro brew during their trip home. Many airport shops only stock hard alcohol, so you may have to plan to stop near that local brewery you fell in love with before you take off on your flight. Looking for ideas on beer to take home? Check out my favourite craft beers in Canada.


5. Canadian Whisky

Featured in Mad Men, and proudly enjoyed by locals across Canada. Canadian Whisky

– whatever the brand – is the perfect souvenir to take home and share with friends. Known locally as just “Rye” – due to distillers adding rye grains to their mash to increase the flavour – this is a great gift to stick in the cupboard for a cold winter night.

6. Maple Leaf Tshirts

If you tend to dress on the safe side, a simple Maple Leaf tshirt

clearly says to everyone “This person has been to Canada”. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, most tourist shops have random Canadian joke tshirts about fishing, hockey, beer, or seafood. We like to make fun of ourselves, and when done tastefully, we even get a laugh when other country’s take jabs at us. It makes us happy to know that others know we exist, even if we’re a punchline of a joke. Life’s too short to take yourself so serious.


7. Montreal Steak Spice

If you’ve ever enjoyed Montreal Steak Spice

on a new york striploin, or on a fresh fillet of salmon, you’ll know why it’s a default spice in Canadians pantrys. Easy to pack, easy to share, and tasty to boot. You can’t go wrong with bringing home some Montreal Steak Spice.


8. Vinyl

If you’re getting back into Vinyl like I have been over the last few years, finding that local hole in the wall vinyl shop, or even popping into a garage sale, can turn up some terrific finds. Look for something local to bring home. Whether it’s a big name, or just some old LP filled with Weird Canadian Songs

, having that album to spin once or twice ,or even stick in a corner as art, can be a great addition to your souvenir finds.


9. Shot Glass

My wife and her family have always collected shot glasses

at places they visit. I always thought that was a fun way to remember a location. Plus you have a story the next time you bring out those glasses to peer pressure your friends into taking a shot of that “Rye” you brought home from Canada.

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