9 Best Camera Backpacks for Photographers

Camera backpacks are a photographers best friend. They are one of the most important tools for hauling camera gear. These bags are a lifeline to your most important lenses, and need to protect your equipment from damage at all times. While most contain the typical things backpacks possess: pockets, water bottle holders, adjustable straps, compartments. They vary quite a bit in terms of design and functionality, which of course affects price.


Camera backpacks are very much worth every dollar. Let’s check out some of the best camera backpacks out there and find out what makes them so swell!

Lowepro Pro Trekker 400 AW Camera Backpack (Mica/Black)

Hiking with heavy photography gear can take its toll on you. While snapping that photo you worked so hard to get is rewarding. A swig of well earned water is often times just as enjoyable. The Lowepro ProTrekker 400 AW is hydration ready (2L), lightweight, and durable. Sure to keep your gear, and your thirst in order.

This awesome photography backpack includes a ton of adjustments, including lumbar, waist, straps, and more. It also features three tripod sleeves, a laptop sleeve, as well as an all weather cover. Best of all, it has multiple access points to get to your lenses and gear. Including the convenient fast access front panel. If your gear is worth more than a few thousand, spending a bit extra on a pro-level photography backpack kind of makes sense.

Ona Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack

While pricey in comparison to some of the other camera backpacks in this list. The On a Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack features a stylish overall look. Better suited for urban photography than hiking, this backpack includes waxed canvas, dark truffle leather, and is designed to hold a camera with a 70-20mm lens attached. It has space for as many as seven extra lenses and will fit 17inch laptops with room for some personal items.

Adjust and tweak this  backpacks dividers to suit your needs. Not too shabby!

Lowepro Photo Sport BP 200 AW II

Affordable and safe enough to run, bike, or hike with. The Lowepro Photo Sports BP 200 camera backpack includes a weatherproof cover, side loading panels for quick access to your camera, as well as extra space for storing any personal items you might need. You can easily fit a few extra lenses in this pack, and while it may not have as much room as some of the other packs, it’s a great entry level photography backpack.


Kata KT D-3N1-20 Sling/Backpack (Black)

The Kata KT D-3N1-20 Sling Photography Backpack features a unique right handed or left handed sling style pack. This allows quick access to the camera side panel. As with most high end camera backpacks, the Kata 3N1 includes a rain cover, as well as a waist strap to keep your pack secure during long hikes. Firm corners on the pack allow the backpack to maintain its shape while in sling mode. The 3N1 is a high quality mid range photography backpack that would be great for anyone who only shoots with a few primes.

Koolertron Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag Backpack

I’m a huge fan of canvas camera backpacks. There’s something rugged and cool about them. They make you look hip and outdoorsy hiking, or hip and edgy in the city. On top of that, they have pockets galore for organizing all the doodads and knick knacks you come across while traveling. The backpack is split into 2 primary compartments, one for camera gear, and another for your personal items. On top of that, it comes with a rain cover. All for a very reasonable price. Cheap, easy, efficient, you can’t go wrong!

Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack for DSLR

This bad boy is waterproof, and includes firm padding for shock proofing your gear and keeping it from costing you an arm and a leg. There are a ton of inside dividers for camera lenses and can be adjusted to fit just about any camera gear you can think of. Side pockets are available for a water bottle, and chest and hip straps keep this unit strapped to you during any difficult activity.

Koolertron Professional Women’s Canvas Camera Case / Backpack

Camera backpacks are great. Unfortunately many companies never bother to come up with designs that are more suitable to women. Designs typically look very masculine, like something you’d see batman wearing, or something you’d see an athlete running around in. Which is funny, since nearly 42.8% of all professional photographers are women (according to the NEA Artists in the Workforce Report). Fortunately, Koolertron was listening when they came up with this cute backpack.

The colours are more casual, the fabric more tactile, and it has just the right amount of space for a few lenses, a camera, and some personal gear. The size of the backpack is also designed to better fit the backs of women, ensuring a comfy fit no matter where you’re going.

NEPPT Professional Soft Waterproof Nylon Vintage Classic Casual Camera Backpack

This vintage style camera backpack is simply put, beautiful. This little doozy includes waterproof bags, adjustable shoulder straps, and again, it’s just a good looking pack. It’s got a ton of room, including several dividers for camera lenses, a camera flash, extra battery, and more. This camera backpack includes front entry and top loading entry allowing you to store more than just camera gear. All in all a unique and awesome backpack for photographers.

Koolertron Multifunction Unisex Classic Casual PU Leather/Velvet Inner DSLR

I dig the rugged style of this backpack. It’s the kind of backpack that’ll make you feel like the toughest man or woman in the world. The fact that it’s a National Geographic backpack just makes it even more interesting. This camera backpack features an upper and lower compartment for storing clothes and personal items as well as your camera gear. It can easily fit a 15 inch laptop along with a medium sized tripod. Front loading compartment for your camera gear ensures easy access to everything you need to capture the next award winning shot.

So what do you think? Which is your fave? Am I missing any other awesome camera backpacks?

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