8 Awesome Waterproof Backpacks That’ll Keep Your Gear Dry

Last year, after buying a canoe, I began my quest to find a quality Waterproof Backpack or Backpack Style Dry bag that would keep my valuables safe when I was doing some extended travel on the water. All it takes is one tipped canoe to cost you, so I figured I’d rather spend a bit money on a dry bag than on replacing anything expensive and valuable. While I opted for only 1 of these, they were all contenders on my canoe.

Overboard Waterproof Backpack

Price: $66.78

This 20L waterproof backpack features fully welded seams, padded shoulders, back and lumbar, ensuring carrying this puppy isn’t too sore on your body. Adjustable straps on the sternum and waist keep it hugging your core. This baby can sit in water all day, no need to worry about your valuables.

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack

Price: $119.99

The DryCASE waterproof backpack sports a 100% waterproof main compartment. 35L of carrying capacity, with marine grade fabric and a unique inflation / deflation tool to float your bag, or use as a portable cooler or shower. Easy to pack, and easy to carry. The DryCASE Waterproof backpack is a quality pick for those in the market for a waterproof bag. Available in multiple colours and styles.

DOOMAGIC Waterproof Backpack

Price: $14.58

This neon wonder is a lightweight daypack, perfect for outdoor activities where you might get a bit soggy. 25L compartment and folds into a small pouch. I didn’t opt for this one because I wasn’t sure exactly how Waterproof it is. The bright colours make it easily identifiable if you’re throwing your bag in amongst many others. This Waterproof backpack is available in multiple neon colours.

Aqua Quest ‘Sport 30’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

Price: $69.99

Made with high quality fabric, all stitches and seams are sealed. The waterproofing uses a velcro roll-over method, which when rolled over a few times, prevents water from entering. Padding can be found on shoulders, hips, and lumbar. A much more stylish waterproof backpack than others in this list, and bang for buck, the Aqua Quest Sport 30 Waterproof backpack / dry bag is a safe choice.

Aqua Quest Mariner Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

Price: $29.00

This waterproof dry bag is backpack-esque, in the sense that it has shoulder pads. I ended up going with the 50L version of this item. It’s a superb Dry Bag, but when filled isn’t exactly the comfiest thing to haul, but given its price and ability to fit just about anything I could think of I’d still recommend this fellow.

Rage Powersports 50L Dry Storage Backpack

Price: $24.99

The 50L Rage Waterproof Backpack is similar to the yellow fellow above. A top rollover waterproofing method keeps your stuff safe and dry. The straps are a bit less padded, but again, if you’re not using this as your primary backpack and rather a dry bag, it should suit you.

Outdoor Research Dry Peak Bagger

Price: $60.95

I almost opted for this one, but at the time I was broke after having just paid some student loans. So rather than spending the extra 30 odd bucks, I went with the cheaper option. This dry bag features the roll-top closure and mesh shoulder straps. The front pouch makes for convenient storage of smaller items such as phones, or compact digital cameras. While it lacks several compartments and pouches found on other bags, its sturdy quality make it a decent option.

MAXXON 40L Wild Waves Dry Bag Backpack

Price: $39.95

From river rafting to cycling in the rain, this heavy duty waterproof protects from dust, sand, and water. Rugged seams with quality craftsmanship. The Maxxon Wild Waves Dry Bag Backpack is a great choice for keeping your valuables dry.

Still not sure which waterproof backpack or dry bag to get?

There’s a ton of great dry bags and waterproof backpacks out there, and something out there for every budget. If you’re not 100% which to get, don’t be afraid to head into your local outdoor shop and get the run through on how waterproof backpacks and dry bags work.

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