5 Great Budget-Friendly Winter Activities According To FlightHub

Winter: when the days are short and the nights even longer, how do you manage to keep your sanity when the sun sets by 5:30pm? FlightHub feels you on this, and for this reason we encourage our travelers to keep optimistic! Instead of looking at the glass half-empty, FlightHub Review has compiled a list of fun and cheap activities to keep you busy this winter season, and help beat Ol’ Man Winter.


Ice Skating

As a time honored tradition, outdoor skating is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues. The key to any successful winter is keeping warm and moving, so FlightHub recommends buying some very good long underwear (don’t be shy, everyone has some), and going outside. With over 24,000 outdoor rinks in the country (not including the ones you make yourself), there are plenty of places to show off your skating skills. Ice skating is an activity that can be shared by all: families, friends, first-dates, it really doesn’t matter, but the best part of outdoor ice skating is that it’s cheap! Even without skates, rentals won’t cost you more the $5. Tie those laces tight and boogie your way under the winter sky on Canada’s favorite frozen playground. FlightHub wants to remind you to bring a loonie or two for some warm hot chocolate after you’re done.



FlightHub needs to ask a very serious question when it comes to outdoor winter activities: Who doesn’t like to propel themselves face first—at breakneck speeds—down a glorious hill full of fresh powder? We think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t, especially when it’s free. So take a toboggan and find your nearest neighborhood hill and get wild! Again, FlightHub wants to emphasize that the key to outdoor winter success is measured in layers, so bundle up. Though you can do this activity solo there’s something to be said about fun in numbers, so plan a day with friends or family and get out there! As an added bonus to this free activity, FlightHub strongly recommends bringing a dog with you. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t yours, just find one.


Make your own tire sure la neige

Between the fresh, cold snow and your warm, cozy home, there’s one spring snack that’s worth making before the season changes, and that snack is tire sur la neige. This traditional French Canadian treat consists of maple syrup (that’s typically fresh from the tree itself), boiling it down and reducing it into the delicious sugar syrup we know today, and placing it on cold snow for it to harden into a sticky treat.

How to make it: Simply buy a can of maple syrup from the grocery store. Then take fresh snow (make sure it’s clean, if it’s yellow… leave it be), and pack it into a container. Next, boil the syrup until it reaches 115°c and check for consistency; the syrup should be hard, but not too hard! Next, place the warm syrup on top of the snow (Popsicle sticks standing by) and let cool, but not for too long! Roll those delicious strips onto the Popsicle sticks for a seriously sticky good time!


What’s your city up to?

Believe it or not your city doesn’t just stop once the snow comes. Check out local shows, food events, or outdoor activities that are being hosted throughout the winter. Oftentimes these activities are either free, or pretty affordable depending on what’s going on. Remember that winter is only as long as you make it, so getting out and about is a sure way for making the season pass by quicker!


The ultimate day inside.

Get ready for this one. If the weather outside is frightful but you’re still bored out of your mind, then FlightHub suggests the following Ultimate Stay-Indoors Itinerary.

First, gather the troops: call your friends or family and invite them over (so long as the roads are good). Next, once said troops have arrived make sure they’ve brought their pajamas and prepare the epic construction of your indoor pillow fort. Combine blankets, couches, sleeping bags and pillows, and begin construction on this monstrosity around a functioning television set. Once that’s completed (or in unison with the construction) begin baking cookies, or frying bacon. FlightHub will let you decide what kind of feast to prepare, as this is your pillow fort kingdom. Once the provisions are done, pop in a movie and let the day fade away into the night.

This is by far FlightHub’s favorite activity after napping. If you can group nap in the fort, we suggest that too.

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