5 Best Cities in Canada with an awesome Nightlife

Canadians love to party. When your country is covered in snow for over 7 months of the year, it only makes sense that people from all walks of life will to find a way to get out and enjoy the nightlife. Whether you’re into dance clubs, rowdy pubs, gambling at casinos, or taking in a hot band, there’s always something going on over the weekends in some of the larger cities in Canada. But which cities in Canada have the most awesome nightlife?


1. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is one of my favourite cities in Canada. It’s one of the best places to partake in the nightlife due to its amazing public transit system, and the ease of grabbing an uber or taxi from just about anywhere in Toronto. Dance and drink down King West or Queen West. Check out the Lost and Found, Wildflower, Uniun Nightclub or Apt 200 – a unique club with a house party vibe. Looking for something bigger, head to Maison Mercer Nightclub and take in the downtown lights on amazing rooftop terrace.

2. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal gives visitors a taste of Europe with a dash of urban chique. Home of high end downtown hotels, luxurious parks, and an absolutely beautiful casino. The Montreal Casino is on Ile Notre Dame and hosts poker tournaments, live music events, gambling of all sorts, and more.

Like Toronto, Montreal is a very walkable city with a good public transit system. If you’re staying in Montreal for a while and find yourself tired from all the shopping, cafes, restaurants, don’t be afraid to lounge in your room and play Canadian online casino games or binge watch some Netflix. Montreal’s nightlife is surprisingly good throughout the week as well, meaning if you skip a night. Not the end of the world!

vancouver nightlife

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

Ain’t no party like a west coast party! Or so they say. Vancouver might be more spread out than Toronto and Montreal, but it still holds its own with a downtown core filled with pubs, clubs, and art exhibits.The nightlife in Vancouver really picks up in the summer and fall, as people take in more of the city with their time off. Check out the Cellar, Opus, or the Roxy for some dancing and drinking.

4. Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Halifax nightlife is probably one I’m most familiar with. Having went to school out there, I can humbly say it’s one of my favourite cities to bar hop. Whether you’re staying at the hostel on Barrington, or any of the downtown hotels, you can easily walk and experience the downtown nightlife in Halifax. Most bars and pubs are on Argyle Street, and some spread down Spring Garden.

Head to the lower deck on lower water street, Sundays are the best! If you’re into music, check out shows at the Seahorse on Thursdays, the Casino on Friday, and smaller more intimate shows throughout the week. If dancing is more your thing head to the Dome, a 3 story club with the top floor dedicated to a pub atmosphere with cover bands and heavy amounts of drinking. Or consider popping into Toothy Moose to get freaky.


5. St Johns, Newfoundland

St Johns proudly boasts the most pubs per capita than anywhere in Canada. Meaning you’re only a hop skip and a jump away from the next watering hole. The famous George Street, which houses most of these pubs and bars, is widely known as the weekend destination. If you have the opportunity to catch the George Street Festival in late July / early August it’s a must! The street shuts down and becomes a giant pub crawl for all to partake in. It’s a pretty unreal time and is sure to provide a few memories.

Missing anywhere that you think competes with these 5 Canadian cities? Let me know in the comments below.

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