4 Essential Survival Items That Every Hiker Should Own

Hiking is becoming more popular as people want to be outside more exploring nature. However, many people are just beginning to hike and they may not be aware of the fact that they should carry some basic equipment with them when they are out on the trails. Hikers never know when they may encounter a situation that they were not expecting, so we have come up with four items that every hiker should have with them.

Multi-tool knife

A multi-tool knife can come in handy if a hiker needs to cut anything when they are out on the trail, which is why it is number one on the list. Hikers never know when they may need to cut down brush as they are going through the woods or if they need to cut rope in order to tie something. If hikers get lost for a period of time, a knife

can be handy for preparing food to eat. A knife can be used to skin an animal and to clean a fish if necessary.


Rope is another important piece of equipment that hikers should carry with them at all times. While throwing some clothesline in a backpack is a good start, it is better if hikers actually prepare a rope kit to take with them on the trail. A rope kit consists of approximately 100 feet of rope that is broken down into smaller segments. Every hiker will decide what rope lengths they want each piece to be, but most hikers choose 3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet and 28 feet segments. These segments will allow hikers to tie things up in a tree, lash a camping stool or bundle things together if necessary. Rope can also come in handy if a hiker breaks a bone and they need to make a splint.


There is nothing worse than getting lost while out on a hiking trail. Hikers can use a compass

to figure out what direction they need to go in so that they can either find their way back to their starting point or get to an area where they can get help. A compass will also help keep a hiker from walking in circles and covering the same area over and over again.


If hikers get lost, injured or end up on the trail late at night, they will want to have firestarter

with them. Firestarters will help hikers start a fire so that they can stay warm and make a meal and something hot to drink. Without a firestarter, it may take hikers a long time before they can get a fire started. A firestarter kit should be kept in a waterproof bag, so that nothing gets wet. A few items that can be used in a firestarter kit are waterproof matches, cotton balls, dryer lint, tea light candles, twigs and juke twine.

While there are more items that are necessary for hikers to carry, these are some the most important ones. No hikers expect to have problems when out on the trail, but any hiker will be happy when they can say that they were prepared for an unusual situation when it happened.

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