Whistler Blackcomb Trail Map Guide to Getting The Most out of your Ski Trip

Ski & snowboard season has officially kicked off. Explore this detailed Whistler Blackcomb trail map guide and get some up to date info on the slopes. Whistler and Blackcomb are two incredibly popular mountains that are next to each other. Between these two beautiful mountains, patrons have the opportunity to ski or snowboard down two-hundred marked trails within 8,171 acres of terrain. There are also sixteen alpine bowls and three glaciers to add to the excitement of these two mountains. Whistler is a must visit ski destination in Canada. Let’s explore the trail map a bit.

Whistler Blackcomb Trail Map Guide

Skiiers and snowboarders can choose from six different types of routes along the Whistler Blackcomb trail system. The first route is the Powder Stashes Route. This route is amongst many trees and it is the perfect place to be on a snowy day. A few choices for this route are Upper Gear Jammer, Expressway to Where’s Joe, Arthur’s Choice, and Lower Excelerator Zone.

Whistler Blackcomb

Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Family and child friendly skiing

The Family Certified Route is for beginners and children. Kids get to show off their skills to their parents as they zip around the slopes and practice their pizza’s and french fries. Make sure you take you kids to Rendezvous Nintendo Game Lounge, The School Yard, Magic Castle, Enchanted Forest, and the Tree Fort. There’s a ton of great places for kids that are a bit on the slow side, though keep your head on a swivel. Kids are known for taking out peoples legs by accident. You’ve been warned!

Ski Olympic Trails

On the Gold Medal Route, skiers get to frolic in the snow in the same places where the 2010 Olympians did. Everyone will want to see the Roundhouse Olympic Display and the Olympic Rings while getting the chance to ski either the Men’s or Women’s Olympic Downhill routes.

whistler powder trail map

Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Intermediate ski routes

Intermediate skiers will find quite a bit of variety on the slopes in the Size Matters Route. Everyone can ski slopes from peak to peak, however they may feel the burn afterwards. Skiers can hit the slopes on the Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler Peak, and Peak to Creek before heading to Merlin’s Bar and Grill or Dusty’s Bar and BBQ for a drink and much needed fuel.

Advanced ski trails for black diamond lovers

More advanced skiers will enjoy the steep slopes of the Steep Sampler. The five trails in this route are legendary and only the best of the best can do all of them in one day. They include Couloir Extreme, Spanky’s into Ruby Bowl, Peak 2 Peak, Shale Slope, and West Cirque.

To see the most of the land below, many people will want to venture up to the top of the four highest points on the two mountains. These four points include Top of Whistler Peak, Top of Symphony, Top of Harmony, and Top of 7th Heaven.

whistler blackcomb trail map

Photo Credit Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Why choose Whistler Blackcomb over other mountains?

The large mountains, high alpines, powder filled bowls, hoarfrost trees, and family spaces ensures that everyone will find a perfect spot for them at any time when they are visiting Whistler. In addition to that, Whistler also gets an average of 38.4 feet of snow every year, which is quite a bit more than many other ski resort in North America. Whistler knows that they can provide perfect skiing conditions at any time during the winter months, and yes, even glacier skiing in the summer. Best of all it’s a short drive from Vancouver, and you get a ton of bang for your buck!

What’s your favourite trail at Whistler Blackcomb? Share below!

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